19 years old.
Legal Management Graduate (Batch 2013).
Torn between Law School and/or
MBA in Social Entrepreneurship or International Business
A dreamer. Becoming a reader.

Enjoying life without the glitz and the glamour.

It's not even about fame or fortune.

It's about finding yourself,

unleashing who you are,
but mostly discovering your inner potential.

This blog was made just for following the blogger friends I love entirely but then it had progressed to something like sharing my thoughts about books, which quite frankly I seemed to start to love. I liked how I started having eARCs from authors and joining the book tours for fun. This is not a serious book blog like the others, I am not entirely a part-time nor full-time book blogger. I just post when I feel like it and when I am honored to post one for review purposes. I know there are a lot of amazing book blogs out there but I highly-appreciate that you took the time to read my posts.

And as you can see, my blog is as plain as it can get. I haven't put anything interesting on the sidebar or anything because let me give you a background about me:

1. Back in school, I dislike reading. Yes, I really dislike it, that I ended up reading summaries of books online for my book report. And to think I just read books from Paulo Coelho and some super short books.
2. But then the first series I ever read that I got completely engrossed with was Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, so shall I shout out to her for making me read it, having sleepless nights because it was so great. And this was back in High School, when I was a junior.
3. After Twilight, I get back on being a bum and not having a book that piques my interest. Then when I was a third-year university student, we had this On-the-Job-Training (OJT), I got bored with the barely-there works that I was tasked to do and I ended up bringing books there.
My books that made me read again was: The Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher & Looking for Alaska by John Greene! Then it started from there, I have a thing for those broken people and as it weird to say, I really like those books that deal with depths (but not entirely dark) genre, I like the realism of dealing with suicide and drugs, etc., they are just fascinating that they know they are broken and they either accept it and succumbed to it or accept it and change themselves. But nowadays, aside from YA dystopian and paranormal, I am really into New Adult.
4. Yes, New Adult is the genre that I really like because it reflects teen to early 20s feel and it is pure, real and natural.
5. A huge shoutout to my English teacher back in High School, she'll be proud that I started and enjoying reading; she'd been forcing me to read before, it's a huge turn-around from disliking to nearly-loving to read books.
6. I love hoarding books. As much as I like physical copies, I end up reading ebooks because it's not available in the Philippines.
7. There are many things about me but I'm plain random so you can just drop by and tweet me:

I'll cut this random stuff about me and we'll wing it? You can go back check my limited post, I hope you'll enjoy it and the plainness isn't as boring that will make you leave my blog now. Haha! Oh well, thank you for dropping by!

-     Jassie

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