Faking It haikus: When faux becomes real

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Faking It - Cora Carmack
Mackenzie “Max” Miller has a problem. Her parents have arrived in town for a surprise visit, and if they see her dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings, they just might disown her. Even worse, they’re expecting to meet a nice, wholesome boyfriend, not a guy named Mace who has a neck tattoo and plays in a band. All her lies are about to come crashing down around her, but then she meets Cade.

Cade moved to Philadelphia to act and to leave his problems behind in Texas. So far though, he’s kept the problems and had very little opportunity to take the stage. When Max approaches him in a coffee shop with a crazy request to pretend to be her boyfriend, he agrees to play the part. But when Cade plays the role a little too well, they’re forced to keep the ruse going. And the more they fake the relationship, the more real it begins to feel.

This were my tweets at Cora when I was just feeling the Cade-Max love! *insert hearts*
Here are my unexpected haikus:

Is this what free like?
Vulnerable yet loved, cared?
I am overwhelmed.

It took one person,
His affection and belief,
To let go, be free.

Learned how to fake it,
I'm all done with the wishing,
Time to live the truth.

Lured by pretension,
Smiles, laughs, humor and comfort,
All were raw and real.

We know we were lost,
Were desperate to be found,
Guiding each other.

Fake but felt so real,
Tomorrow this might be gone,
At least I held it.

She uttered my name,
And that's how simple it takes,
Now I'm a goner.

I tried not to fall,
Blaming myself from before,
Yet he still loved me.

She came right in front of me,
All smiles yet troubled.

Shattered and broken,
Lost and full of pretension,
Now loved and complete.

-     Jassie

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