Blind Fairytale

Friday, September 27, 2013

This just so random, since I'll be deleting my livejournal (LJ) account, I think I should keep a copy of what I wrote almost 2 years ago.

“In a simple text message, where it all started, I was blinded.”

In a typical high school classroom, where the chaos never stop, the noise that banged all the walls, the girls that spoke like a chatter box, the boys that were non-stop sports talkers and there were studious students who just did not care about the crazy environment and just study.

The class started and after 2 hours or so— it was snack time. Some students went to the cafeteria and some just stayed inside the room. Suddenly, the newly-elected-not-so-great-and-a-bit-irresponsible-and-arrogant President stood up. Some students tilted their heads to see who stood up, and then they went chatting again with their friends.
“Hey girls, give me some text mates!” the President said.

No one answered; no one seemed to notice him. He went to Erika, his close friend since elementary school, and bugged her until she gave in.
“Oh all right! Just shut up! Here! Don’t you dare hurt her! She’s kind, sweet and she’s my best friend!” Erika said.
“Thanks, Erika! You’re the best!” He replied.

After class, the President immediately texted the number Erika gave him.
“Hi! I got your number from Eka. :]” He sent a message.
“Hello! Uhm… Hi also! I’m Lauren, nice to meet you…?” Lauren replied.
“Hi! You’re such an earthling, Lauren! I’m Luka! :]”

And there goes, where the friendship started… 
Lauren always sends GM (group message/s) everyday and before going to sleep:
“Oyasumi, minna-san! (Goodnight, everyone!)
Thanks for today! I love you all, and miss y’all! :} take care and sweet dreams. Sleep well.
-Lauren :*”

Luka always find it awkward whenever Lauren sent those kinds of messages, but he did not want to offend Lauren, so he tried not to mind.

But one day…
“Hi, Lauren! How are you?” Luka sent a message.
“Not fine. My sister’s in the hospital.” Lauren replied.

Luka was alarmed to Lauren’s reply; he comforted her, even in his simple text of kindness…
“Don’t worry, definitely, everything’s going to be all right! ;] I’ll be always here if you need me. I’ll stay up late so you’ll have company. :]”
“Thanks, you’re my knight and shining armor. :}”
Luka was shocked; no one ever said that to him. “Such endearment…”  he said under his breath. His heart began to race rapidly; he can’t breathe properly, but he managed to reply, “Of course =)” to Lauren.

A month had passed; Luka and Lauren were still texting each other, almost everyday. Lauren has a male-phobia but as soon as she knows Luka more, she gets the hang of it, Luka always assure her that guys aren’t maniac or whatsoever Lauren thought of men. Luka even got closer to her and managed to tell his secrets to Lauren – which he had never done even to his best friends, he told Lauren his hatred to his father. The two became best friends, with the span of time.

In school, Luka was texting happily towards the room. Eka notices Luka’s strange aura.
“Hi El Presidente,” Eka said.
“Oh… Hi Erika,” Luka replied with a waving hand and a big grin stretching his face.

Eka stood still, it was awkward to see such attitude from Luka and usually he gets mad when he was being called, “El Presidente.” Eka immediately sent a text message to Lauren.
“Huh? I didn’t do anything, I just told him that he shouldn’t be arrogant to people and smile at them.” Lauren replied.
“What?! You said that to him?! To Luka?! :O” Eka said. She can’t believe that Luka will follow LAUREN’s orders, was it an order, command or comment? For that, she wasn’t sure. It was just so shocking that Luka did what Lauren said.

Days passed, Lauren and Luka become closer, and they bonded more. The whole class was shocked to what was happening to Luka. The new “LUKA”, he began to change since he met Lauren, even it was via text message. He became responsible, happy and most of all, approachable.

Lauren and Luka became the top love team in the school, even if they had never seen Lauren up close. Eka teases Lauren whenever they hang out. Lauren just laughed at whatever Eka said. But, there was a time that Lauren and Luka decided to get-along with it and they started calling each others’ name with, “-love.” In text messages/GM, like:

“This day was a blast! :]
Thanks, Luka-love for this day :*”
-Lauren always say in her GM.

“Sup, dudes?
How are ya? Y’all doin’ fine?
Thanks for today, Lauren my love. Be fine, OK?”
-Luka sends his GM.

All just seems to think that Luka and Lauren were already together. They always teased Luka, “LAU-KA!!!”, when GM of sweet endearment was sent to them.

Massu, one of Luka’s close friends, notices that Luka really changed. Luka got more obsessed in texting; Luka is the laziest person when it comes to texting. It was always “Lauren this… Lauren that…” non-stop! Massu confronted Luka out of curiosity…
“Do you like her?”
“Of course not!” Luka said in his denial-lying voice. His face turned pink.
“You like her. Just admit it.”
Massu knew Luka very well; he stared at Luka straight in the eyes. But, Luka decided to go home.

Massu’s cell phone suddenly rang…
“I don’t know. Maybe? I don’t know, I’m getting more confused by the second. I don’t want to fall in love to someone I had never seen.” Luka answered.

One month passed and Luka gets more confused. He was so sweet a second ago and out of the blue, he just went out of his mind and acted so coldly at Lauren.
“I’m pissed. The hell! I don’t like YOU!” Luka said to Lauren.
“What? What happened?” Lauren replied in a concerned manner.
“Just shut up. I call this quits! Can we just stop this, once and for all?! This Friendship or whatever you call this!”
“What are you talking about? Couldn’t you just chill for a second?”
“Do you know how hard I pretended just to be close to you?! I tried to be something I’m not! I tried to be responsible; everything you asked me, and I just do it. And I had enough! Don’t text me ever again!”

After reading Luka’s reply, Lauren was shocked; teardrops fell from the corner of her eyes.
I thought I found a best friend. Someone who wouldn’t hurt me, a guy friend I trusted, but… how could he just throw a friendship like that?” Lauren said, falling down at her knees and more tears fell on the ground. She never said a thing to Eka, about what happened between her and Luka. She tried to fix things up, but Luka doesn’t bother to reply.

Lauren still cries for the lost of a friend, whom she treated as a best friend; she accepted Luka besides the fact that Luka is the most-hot-headed-impatient-arrogant-person-in-the-universe and renewed him. Meanwhile, Luka just went back to his old self—being a playboy, moody person; he had a girlfriend but broke up after a month.

“What a waste of time. Knowing and befriending a guy like him.” Lauren said.

Time flies so fast, and when Lauren was finally over with Luka, someone texted her, an unknown number that had been texting her for a couple of days.
“Hi!” was the only message sent, the only one that she always receives from the sender.
She started to reply, “uhm. Hi! Well you’ve been texting me. Who are you?”

Lauren’s cell phone vibrated in her pocket. As she reads the message, her cell phone slips in her hand and falls at her toes…

It was Luka who kept on texting her!

Lauren was shocked. She doesn’t know if she’ll reply to the message of Luka.

Suddenly, Eka sent her a message,
“I’m so sorry, Lauren! I really am! I know I should have told you sooner but… I don’t know… I’m so sorry! Luka forced me to give your number! He was so irritating I sent your new number! I’m really sorry! :[” and Eka continued to beg forgiveness.
“It’s okay. No harm done. It already happened. No need to say sorry. ;}” Lauren replied in the most considerate manner.

The oh-so-kind Lauren forgave Eka and befriended Luka, again. They thought that things were going pretty smooth, but it was not, Luka became his old self, AGAIN. He acted so cold; he stopped texting Lauren—didn’t even greet her for Christmas or New Year.

“Why are people getting snobbier? Is there something wrong?
Is a simple 'Hi!' a big effort to make?
Ohayo (Good Morning)! And Take Care :)
- Lauren :}"
Luka suddenly sent a GM to Lauren and then, doesn’t text her again. It’s like Luka wants to avoid Lauren, once and for all.

“If Luka doesn’t greet me on my birthday, I’d tell him to stop this nonsense friendship.”  Lauren said to herself. 
Lauren’s special day came; many of her friends greeted her, so much messages and special mention on their group messages.
But before Lauren went to school…
Luka texted, “Happy Birthday”
Lauren replied, “Thank you, and also happy birthday to your ex-girl friend.”
Luka was shocked that Lauren knew something about his ex. He asked Lauren how did she knew, but Lauren preferred not to answer.

For 2 weeks, Lauren always thought if she’ll text Luka or not, but it ended up like a wind that passes in our faces, Too fast... and can’t be held.
Luka was hanging out with his friends playing online games. An Usher song was playing, and he recognized it was his voice mail tone. He stopped playing and listened to the message…

A heavenly-catchy-soft voice started to speak:
“Hi Luka, thanks for everything and sorry for the things I have done. I just wish you all the best and may you find the happiness you’re looking and longing for. There’s a favor I’ve been thinking lately. Could you please delete my number and e-mail? I don’t want to become a burden to you. Thanks, but always remember: We’re STILL friends.
‘till here. Sayonara (Goodbye), Luka.”

Luka just stared blankly. His friends called his attention but there wasn’t any response. After a minute or so, Luka decided to go home.

Meanwhile, Lauren, after sending the message, tears burst from her eyes. She was falling in love with Luka, but she chose to hurt herself than to believe and once again be fooled by Luka’s lies.

“I prefer not to love you. I’m scared to be hurt by you. I’m afraid to be fooled by a man that I once thought as my knight-and-shining-armor…

Farewell, Luka, this is not a fairy tale. This so-called love that breaks me down, maybe you’re not the one that I was looking for. Neither the prince that’ll not chase me in his white horse nor brings a love that has a happy ending…”
A letter Lauren wants to keep on writing to send to Luka… but was suddenly soaked in her tears.

It’s vacation time! And Luka’s birthday’s so soon!
For those days and months, he missed Lauren a lot, those sweet messages, the “-love” after his name, her voice. Everything.
                “She’s like a flower that captivates me, even in the most unexpected glimpse.” Luka said.

Luka looks at his watch and afterwards, at his cell phone, he’s waiting for his birthday, a minute ‘till his birthday. At exactly, 12 midnight, someone texted him…

“Happy Birthday, Luka! Congratulations for the award, first honorable mention, right? I wish you, more blessings and good health.”

A large smile stretched his face and he replied, “Thanks. Who are you? ;]” to the one who sent him the message.

But there was no response from the person.
For weeks… for months… still... no response.

“It’s better to greet him and remain a mystery,” ‘she’ said.

“I know who you are. The only person I fell in loved the most. The one that made me a coward, the person who changed my life and the Lotus Flower that blooms in the mud and still looked beautiful…

I did pretend again… I pretended I didn’t know who you are… I never did take the chance to delete your number. It feels like when I like to press the ‘delete’ button, it hurts… Nor did I love another woman other than you… Yes, I was seeking more than your love… But there’s NO ONE who can ever replace you in my heart and in my mind…

You’re the only woman my heart calls out… The only woman my mind thinks about… I never thought that not seeing you makes me seek for you more and more… Your kindness, your love, your presence, I want ALL of those back. I WANT YOU BACK. I regret all those times I’ve been a coward, all those times I’ve acted so coldly… I wish I can turn back the span of time.

It was love that put me to the test, but I chose to let go…

I wished at the shooting star to find a Princess… But I realized my wish had already happened. I was so stupid not to notice, it was YOU that I’ve been wishing for…

I pretended to be the Prince riding on the white horse… I was chasing you, but I stopped…

I know I hurt you; you’ve suffered so much, just changing me… I may not be deserving of your love, but I really want you back… I couldn’t promise that I can always make you happy… I may not be as perfect as you wish but this love I have is the only thing I can offer and can forever be yours, and only yours.

Now, my silent heart shouts, ‘My one and true love, my only Princess… Could you give me another chance? My darling dear Princess Lauren… Can you give me another chance to prove my love to you?”  Luka wrote in his diary where he kept his memory of Lauren while crying his heart out.

"It was I who was blinded by my very own fairytale." Luka and Lauren said, to themselves, in unison.

F I N.
December 9, 2011

Author’s Note (A/N):
            Stories similar to this are purely coincidental.
It not a first-hand experience, yet this is an original story.
Words were partly-edited since this was written. Forbid the typos and grammatical errors.

            This was a RyoDa fanfiction: Nishikido Ryo and Ueda Tatsuya are real people, and are both male. BUT, one here was portrayed as a female. Though I changed the names already and disregarded the former OTP.

This was written when I was in my first year in college (year 2009), in (1) one-sitting: when out of the blue, I heard White Horse by Taylor Swift. I got a scratch notebook (my blue research notebook) and a red pen. And I just scribbled words, phrases, sentences, formed paragraphs, quick dialogues, and a point-of-view (POV) of both characters, in those leaves. In the end, I wrote a (4) four-page back-to-back manuscript for this; with a little pencil scribbles for some random ideas I wanted to add, and was therefore completed!

Forgiveness is in order, no hatred for the unedited version, pace and setting shifts and mostly to the angst-ending. I wanted to apologize but I prefer not, I would like to make a happily-ever after ending but it never happened (along the lines, some parts there were true).

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