Kismet: Unrequited Love (Play)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Disclaimer: The story itself is dark, and mostly not my typical writing. This is only a retold (since it was my sister who shared me this story). A very twisted heroine (I cannot imagine a daughter doing this).
Dark parody.

Love beyond boundaries…

SCENE 1: The curtains open slowly. The stage is pitch-black.
A sob is being heard…

After a second, the spotlights on: tilted on the right side of the stage.
Now, someone is weeping… Someone’s walking…

The stage is low-lighted: with a door at the left side of the stage, mirror at the center of the stage; and a four-post queen-sized bed.
Walking towards the mirror, a brunette and tan-skinned lady, wearing a silk-chiffon long-trailed wedding gown and crystal-embellished stilettos, stops at the center of the spotlight.

She stares at the audience, hazel brown eyes now red from crying, with a black-eye below her right eye. Hair in a bun with a side braid, slightly broken nose, and swollen lips but curved lusciously; without those imperfections she a perfect picturesque of Venus.
Still staring, she squeaks, she seems lost.

She stares intently at the audience and said,
“What… am I… going to do? I… I… I still… love him,” she said in between cries, and she continued,
“But… I… need to marry… Tyler.”
“What? Tell me!” she said, shouting at the audience.
The audience replied:
“Don’t mess up your life! Go on with what you want!”; “Marry him still!”; “Hey who’s Tyler?”; “How about you like end….”

She stares at the audience randomly, head titling to whoever is shouting at her.
And it hit her; that one suggestion.
She stands stiffly when she heard it but she utters it.
Those shout from the group in the audience.
One leaps from his seat and said with pure sarcasm, “How about KILLING yourself, woman?”
“Kill myself.” She said silently yet still audible for the crowd to hear.
“Like hell yeah! Suicide, feeling like Juliet?” the guy replied.

She starts wiping her tears, her eyes got darker and she frighteningly smirks.
“That’s a good one,” she replies, like a madman.

“No. I’m here for the wedding.” A man with a deep voice muttered.

Another spotlight directed at the center aisle of the auditorium; the man with a deep voice is now focused.

Her smile vanishes…
“Marcus... I can’t have you anymore…” and she started crying again.

A tall lad wearing a wool black trench coat, cut near the knees, he wears a black tailored pants, and a black Italian leather shoes, with a light-brown hair complementing his pale skin and gray eyes, he has a slight pointy-nose, and a pouty lips, now curved into a smile; an epitome of a God.

He walks towards the stage, smiling.
She ran mid-way to the guy.
They met near up the edge of the stage.

She hugs him tightly, not wanting to let go…
She felt safe. She felt secured.

The door crashes on the stage.

“I knew it! You still meet each other!” a guy shouted.
“Tyler… Please… You always hit me! And you do not love me… Just let me go…” she begs while she untangled herself from Marcus.
“Let go? Elise, our wedding’s tomorrow! The point I hit you, c’mon, as if you don’t know. You bloody see each other!” he retorted.
He run towards the lady and slapped her to the ground.

Gasps from the audience are heard.

Marcus rushed and picked up Elise and tilted her sideways; for her not to be slapped again.
He caught Tyler’s arm, punched him in the face, and kicked his groin.
Tyler curled in pain and muttered an “Arsehole, Marcus!”
Marcus turned to Elise but Tyler stands up with his hand gripping a metal blade.
Elise snatched the dagger from Tyler before he even stab Marcus. As she took the dagger, she accidentally stabs Tyler at his torso.

Another guy bursts from the door; panting.
“What happened here?” he saw Tyler, soaked in his blood.
He tilts his head at the couple standing; Elise still holds the blood-covered dagger, “What have you done, Elise? He’s your fiancé!”
“But I don’t love him!” she replied.
“What have you done…” he glared at the tall light-brown haired lad and said, “What are you doing here?!”
Elise steps in front of Marcus, near her father, and said, “Dad, please… I love Marcus. I want Marcus… Please… For me…”
“No! I would never give you my blessings! Never! Even your departed mother does not agree you being with HIM!”
“No, dad… We are perfect for each other. No one will stop us!”
“Not if I can!” Her dad snatches the dagger from her and ran towards Marcus.

He stabs Marcus. Marcus smirks.

The dagger wasn’t in his hands any more. Elise had stole it already when he ran pass her. Elise stabs him from the back.
“Sorry, Daddy… You should not mess up with him. Or me…” she muttered under her breath.

“Yes. Mum didn’t die from a car accident.” She said, looking down at her father; back bathed in his blood, and laying prone.
 “How… could you… even say that, she was… with you!” he says while coughing blood.
“Yes. But you can be saved, if you know where to get out before the engine and gears went out of control,” she said and smiles mischievously.
Her father mustered all his strength to see his daughter smiling crazy at him, shocked, he muttered, “You… You… killed your own mother! For him!”

“Need any help, sweetheart?” Marcus suddenly asks.
“No honey. I’ll handle him. He’s my dad, love. I’ll do it.” She answers Marcus before saying, “Yes” to her father then she stabs her father again, directly at his heart.
She bowed down to her father and said, “Like you, Mum wasn’t in favor. She knew. She needs to keep silent… Forever.”

“She’s mad!”; “She killed her mother!”; “Even her Dad and fiancé!”; “Shoot! She’s a murdered!”  Shouts and gasps from the crowd.

She walks towards Marcus, after passing her father and her former fiancé and muttering, “Serves you right, bastard.”

She embraced Marcus, eyes slowly drifting to a shut, nearly kissing when she felt her back arched to Marcus’s front; and feels like blood is dripping from her back. She grips her back and said, “Ow! Marc--” and she slipped from Marcus’s grasps. Marcus’s eyes shot open.

Oh no!”; “Fudge! He’s still alive! The audience panicky shouted.

As if from the living dead, it’s Tyler’s turn to smirk. He stabbed Elise: directly at her heart from the back view.
After stabbing her, he grips at his bloody torso and slid onto his knees, pain overcoming his victory, Marcus was just stunned, unable to move, he was about to stab Tyler again but Tyler succumbs in his defeat. Marcus went forward and sensed that Tyler does not breathe anymore.

He rushed towards Elise’s side, “Hold on, baby. Please, baby!”
He lays her at his lap, cradling her and shouted, “NOOOO~!”

He leaned against her, burying his face at the crook of her neck and cried.

The stage low-lights now dimmed. It returned to pitch-black.

SCENE 2: The stage is slowly brightening up.
The stage is designed with a cottage-mansion-like interior, a house hidden in a forest, over-looking the trees and the mountains. Its interior filled with fine-porcelain Chinaware, leather couches, mahogany tables, and displayed skins and furs of wild animals.

A couple sits on the red leather couch, reading newspapers and sipping their teas.

Another couple came from the elaborated-sculptured wooden door.
It was Marcus and Elise.

“What the… Elise died, right?” an audience observed-questioned.
“Good Morning, Father, Mother. I want you to meet, Elise.” Marcus gestures his hand from Elise to his parents.
“About time we meet you, Elise. The pleasure is ours.” Marcus’s father responded.
“Nice to meet you, darling. I have heard nothing but good things about you,” his wife added.
“The honor is mine, Father, Mother. Thank you.” Elise replied.
Marcus’s mother smilingly asks her, “Where are your parents, love?”
She replies, “Dead,” and adds unremorsefully, “I killed them.”
Slightly shocked but smirking they said, “Oh Why, dear?”
“They were against us,” while she entwined her hands with Marcus, “against him. Mum knew about your family.”
Our family. You’re part of us now.” Marcus’s father replies.
“Father, you can talk to her later. She might be a little dizzy from the walk and from what just happened.” Marcus said.

The stage is now dim-lighted. Marcus and Elise walks near the left-side of the stage, hands still entwined, they stopped at the center of the spotlight, now brightly affixed to them.

“You must be thirsty, Hun.” Marcus said half-questioning, half-stating.
“Still woozy, Hun. But hell, I’m thirsty.” She replied then hugs Marcus. She tilts her head at the crook of his neck; chin near his neck, while the right-side of her face resting on his shoulder, inhaling his scent. He smells like freshly-mowed grass and peppermint. She lunges in him more.
“Haha, honey. You’re tickling me there.” Marcus says as Elise brush her lips and partly-nibbles him.
“Sorry.” She replies, smiling against his neck, she lets go and goes at his back, and again places her head in his shoulder, mouth near his neck. Elise hugs him tighter from behind, resting her hands on his waist.
She goes closer…
She kisses his neck, and nibbled…
Then, she sucks him.

Seconds later…
Blood is dripping from his neck, she licks it clean.
His mouth agapes and then he opens his eyes, quite astonished with what Elise did, he smirks at her.

The crowd notices something…
Same as Elise… Marcus also has…
The crowd reacts, shouting from every corner of the auditorium…
“Shit!”; “His teeth, man!”; “It’s FREAKING FANGS, Man!”;
“They’re hella VAMPIRES!!! HOLY FUDGE!”

Elise wipes her mouth, licking her fingers clean from Marcus’s blood.
She looks at the audience…

Elise and Marcus’s eyes turned red.
Smiling… They showed off their fangs.

Marcus suddenly says grinning mischievously, “Still thirsty, honey?”
Still looking at the audience, Elise stares at a guy, the guy who suggested that she kill herself, she smirks back at Marcus…

Her eyes now darker-red-hungry-craving-and-blood-thirsty, she replies at Marcus while staring more intently at the previous guy from the crowd she was looking, “Maybe yes, Honey,” and she grins at the guy more impish than Marcus’.

The guy from the audience noticed that he was the one Elise is referring to; even the whole crowd looks at him, also feeling frightened for him. He stands up, shouting-nearly-choking-and-stuttering, “NOOOO! FUDGE! I DON’T WANNA… BE… FREAKIN’ VAMPIRE!”

A herd of screams are heard from the audience; others nearly jumping off their seats, rushing to the nearest exit, which unfortunately is closed from the outside.

“Sorry, sweethearts. There’s nowhere to go,” the couple muttered in unison.

Ready to lunge towards the crowd…

The curtains closed.
The lights from the auditorium opened; it nearly-blinded the crowd.
No one muttered any word; everyone’s panting from the sudden shock;
Dead silence filled the auditorium.

All’s well ends well.
F I N.
December 22/23, 2011

My apologies, my hands are itchy enough to type this play-story. 

P.S.       For Clarification:
Yes, Elise killed her Mother, for her Mother knew about Marcus being a vampire.
When Marcus leaned on Elise from the end of Scene 1, he already bit Elise and turned her into a vampire; so obviously, at the start of Scene 2, Elise is already a vampire.

This story is not mine, and I do not own any part of it, maybe the typing part, but the plot and whole story is not mine. I repeat, not mine.

This is a story my sister told me and I just edited some parts, adding some things for dramatic effect and such.

***I just wanted to post this since I didn't post anything for this month. ;)
© JAS™ 

-     Jassie

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