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Monday, May 27, 2013

Unbreak Me – Lexi Ryan

Unbreak Me by Lexi Ryan
Publication date:  May 27th, 2013
Genre: New Adult Romance

If you’re broken, I’ll fix you…

I’m only twenty-one and already damaged goods. A slut. A failure. A disappointment to my picture-perfect family as long as I can remember. I called off my wedding to William Bailey, the only man who thought I was worth fixing. A year later, he’s marrying my sister. Unless I ask him not to…

If you shatter, I’ll find you…

But now there’s Asher Logan, a broken man who sees the fractures in my façade and doesn’t want to fix me at all. Asher wants me to stop hiding, to stop pretending. Asher wants to break down my walls. But that means letting him see my ugly secrets and forgiving him for his.

With my past weighing down on me, do I want the man who holds me together or the man who gives me permission to break?

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I’m intimidating? You’re the freaking rock star at the table.”
Some of the humor drains from Asher’s face, but he keeps his smile in place. “You know about that, huh?”
“My sisters told me. You could have mentioned you’re in a band.”
“I was in a band.” He wipes his hands on his napkin and shrugs. “Past tense.”
With a dreamy sigh, I prop my chin on my fists. “Who knew that one day I’d be on a date with the lead singer from a famous boy band?”
He scowls. “Infinite Gray was not a boy band.
“Were there any girls in the band?”
“That makes you a boy band.”
“It made us an all-male rock group.”
I bite back my smile. He’s so cute when he’s irritated. “Right, like ’N Sync.”
He winces. “Not like ’N Sync. Jesus, watch where you hurl those things. Words hurt, Maggie.”
I giggle.
He glowers. “You need a musical intervention.”
I perk up. “Ooh! Are you going to make me a playlist?”
I laugh again, but this time a little snort pops out, making me laugh harder.
He narrows his eyes. “You’re playing me, aren’t you?”
“Sorry. I couldn’t resist.”
“So you don’t need that playlist?”
“Says who? No boy has ever made a playlist especially for me before. Please?”
“Not even in high school?”
That takes some of the wind out of my sails. “I wasn’t that kind of girl.”
He studies me for a minute and just when I think he’s going to dig, he drops it. “Okay. It’s your turn. Ask me anything.”
I study him for a moment. The ice-blue eyes that keep dropping to my mouth. The stubble I can still feel against my neck. When I finally speak, it’s to ask, “What do you have against a perfectly good shower?”
He releases a burst of laughter. “If I’d let you have your way with me, you wouldn’t be sitting here with me tonight.”
“Oh, you think I would have moved on to another rock star in my long line of rock stars?” 
Excerpt © Lexi Ryan, 2013 (Boy Band)


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Author Bio:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Ryan writes romances with humor, heat, and heart. Her books are described as fun, flirty, and wickedly sexy. A lover of learning, Lexi has been in the classroom all her life and currently holds the title of assistant professor of English at her local community college. Lexi is a proud member of Romance Writers of America. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband and two children.

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and Michelle of Michelle Shouts Random

-     Jassie

The Forgotten Ones – Laura Howard

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"[...] wondering if the fact that my life had just turned into a Disney movie
would be considered all right."

The Forgotten Ones – Laura Howard

Allison O'Malley's plan is to go to grad school so she can get a good job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She has carefully closed herself off from everything else, including a relationship with Ethan, who she's been in love with for as long as she can remember.

What is definitely not part of the plan is the return of her long-lost father, who claims he can bring Allison's mother back from the dark place her mind has gone. Allison doesn't trust her father, so why would she believe his stories about a long forgotten Irish people, the Tuatha de Danaan? But truths have a way of revealing themselves. Secrets will eventually surface. And Allison must learn to set aside her plan and work with her father if there is even a small chance it could restore her mother's sanity.

An eARC was provided by the author, Laura Howard, herself in exchange of an honest review.
Disclaimer: The review will be somewhat long.

             As the Book 1 for The Danaan Trilogy, The Forgotten Ones had created a stable ground about the protagonist, Allison, and the faeries. The author was able to create and show the characters, the scenes and had shown glimpses (with some focuses) about the fairy world in a way that is not confounding for a reader; the facts were not thrown out like a bomb so there was no information-overload of some sort. The plot was clear and had reflected the title itself. Lastly, it was an easy read  the scenes were very light, no need to decipher the events because the details were already vivid.

When I realized that this was a fairy book, I had this gut feeling that might be similar to Julie Kagawa’s the Iron Fey Series. And true enough, they were similar in some sorts like the place was Tir na n’Og, they don’t get old, and what kills or weakens a fairy was an iron blade or any kind of iron. But The Forgotten Ones was different in a way that the enemy was from the inside itself, Aoife, the daughter of the Queen and King; and this book has its own twists that is for a reader to find out.

What piqued my interest:
"When humans are abandoned by Danaan..."
- I had a hunch over this one... And I am seriously hoping Ethan and Al wouldn't encounter this.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Longer rantings:

The title?
                The Forgotten Ones (TFO), is the first book in the trilogy. I love a book that can reflect the title without it being forced (like, just for the sake of having a good title). Also, the title was an eye-opener for the heroine, Allison, since TFO were really 'the faeries' themselves.
But for me though, it seemed like it did not only portray the faeries of Tuatha de Danaan but also the human (Allison’s mom, Elizabeth –her past, present and ‘other’ personality) in the story.
The cover?
                That totally sold me (since I am a book-cover-whore). And one-word: Beautiful. This was one of the beautiful covers I had ever encountered. It was simple but it outshone any ordinary and/or even the complex ones. Just basing the cover, I really thought it was somehow a book about second-chance life like Before I Fall, My Name is Memory and the sorts but when I read the summary, the cover made sense… faeries. It was such a gorgeous cover that I can't peel off my eyes from it for minutes.
                I had that moment like I was Allison and I had just seen the Tuatha de Danaan or Bruidhean (the Fairy Palace), I was enthralled. It felt like utmost exaggeration but I’m not, I just appreciated the cover and loved it.

Dwelling on the story:
                Aside from the cover, when I read the summary, these were the exact words I uttered: “I think I am in for a good adventure.”

                One of the first things I noticed from the book itself was the pages: only have 177 (176 for the eARC); so I did have this challenge in mind for the author to relieve my doubt on how she can pull it off in a short-read. And I am glad to say, she didn’t fail. This was one of those books that had the mixed amount of action, mystery, romance, humor but primarily adventure. And since I had acknowledged, Iron Fey Series, I would say this book was different because this has a more 'human' feel in it because the character, Allison, was more of a human (than a part-fairy) and that she lives in the human world. The problem I had encountered when I was reading the story was the names. It was really hard to pronounce, and I had accepted the reason: Irish and Faeries. But you can freely call me weird because I was excited when I saw ‘The Pronunciation Guide,’ I even enunciated all the names before reading.

So shall we focus more on the story? The opening chapter of the book was already direct; in the summary we were already informed that Allison’s mother was schizophrenic. It was an eye-opener for me, as a reader, to see how life was for Allison. Since the story was in Allison’s POV, it made the reader delve into the world of the character itself. It makes you feel like you are some part Allison because even the emotions she felt during the book was real and her reactions were genuine in a sense that if I was in her shoes, I would do the same.

The book itself is an easy read since the words were not highfalutin and it had that enjoyable feeling. The summer vibe created a mixture of cool and somewhat relaxed feel.  I even felt the warmth, though I am not sure if it was the book itself or the summer heat here in the Philippines. So as stated, the time was set in summer so I really felt that the pacing was a tad slow, but aside from the summery feel, it also shows that the author wanted the reader to comprehend ‘Allison’: herself, her life, what and who she is, just about how normal her life was and how knowing that the faeries were real had affected her. In the first few chapters, it showed Allison’s life: her only friend was her cousin, Nicole (also Jeff – Nic’s boyfriend; Ethan –Jeff’s brother and Al’s love interest; and Sean –a childhood friend), she worked at a hardware shop, very close to her grandparents and what she wanted in life was to enter grad school and to take care of her mother but then he, Ethan, comes along (Ethan was always there but he amped up a little) and made our dear heroine plans crumbling for a little bit. In the middle, Liam, Allison’s father came; and Al’s life was getting more complicated. She also had some occasional dreams which in the latter part dubbed her as a seer, and had this part-fairy blood. So when Liam entered, I just knew that story had just began and when something happened to Allison’s mother, Elizabeth, it was surely the start of some kick-ass adventure  and the pace just got a little quicker.

There were moments, especially when Liam came, that I was constantly asking myself if they couldn't put two-and-two-together  I mean Allison looks like Liam’s carbon copy but no one noticed or acknowledged them. I was expecting someone coming up and asking if they were siblings (since the ‘age’ was quite similar). But that aside, I was impressed by Allison during the middle towards the end of the book, because it felt like she was thrown to a scene wherein she needed to do everything to save her mother, and the only clues that can help her were only her dreams (and sometimes Liam and some little information).

And then romance part, though was short, I had enjoyed it and was looking forward on what Ethan will do next (thought it somehow lacked connection or a tad forced). Their romance was the “they want to be together but the girl has a reason why they can’t be together.” But it was reasonable, even though I really had this urge to push Al already, I understood why she was hesitant, why she was resisting... She explained herself: grad school, take care of mom, and no relationship in between. However, Ethan was really putting his moves on: they had a deal, they had a date (which I really love), but then the happenings to Al’s mom  he was there all the time, and you just know that he really have true feelings towards Al. On the latter part, when Allison wanted to suck up all the lies and had found this courage to tell Ethan how she felt… it was just in a wrong timing.
***I do wonder what happened ‘four years ago’ when Al fell for Ethan’s charm and they kissed.

Lastly, the ending, I uttered a cuss word (rhymes with Fudge).
But I shall be good, one word: CLIFFIE.
- It was not a super cliffhanger in bad way; it was in a sort of good way, the one that makes you crave and guess what happens next. But it was worth a read, it made me fidget on my seat and scream-beg-yell at Laura to have the second book already!

So, I recommend this to those who are in for a short-read that wants a NA (though I really felt it was YA) Paranormal, adventure, romance and some summer vibe; definitely a perfect 'paranormal' summer date.

Random things I just want to acknowledge:
            One ordinary thing that I loved was the part wherein Al will have her run, it always gave her that refreshed feel: to clear and be free for a moment. It was very ordinary but it had created an impact in a way that made Allison felt unburdened for a short time.

Some characters I would like to point out:
Deaghlan, I was so confused about him, especially in the end  I just did not know what to make up for him.
Aodhan, my favorite, I just loved this character: how he fought the faeries (he was like a guardian for humans), how he still had this longing for Niamh, and most especially, how he protected Allison like he was her bodyguard.

P.S. This is so unnecessary but one thing the piqued my interest was Ireland and there were characters named Liam and Niall. I do apologize since, I am a One Direction fan (please no throwing of tomatoes or whatever; what I just stated was purely my bias fandom).

P.P.S. I would like to say that I had been coveting this book since late last year, no kidding, there are the “WoW or Waiting on Wednesday” by book bloggers and this is one of those that I always see. So when last April, the author had posted on facebook that she’s willing to give an eARC (even if you are not a book blogger), I grabbed the opportunity, and boy am I so happy! But in no way did this said ‘fetish’ affect my review.
To Laura Howard, massive thank you for the eARC, the story itself and I can’t wait for the next 2 books. I just do hope I’ll be lucky again to have an eARC of the second and third books too!

-     Jassie

Kismet: Unrequited Love (Play)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Disclaimer: The story itself is dark, and mostly not my typical writing. This is only a retold (since it was my sister who shared me this story). A very twisted heroine (I cannot imagine a daughter doing this).
Dark parody.

Love beyond boundaries…

SCENE 1: The curtains open slowly. The stage is pitch-black.
A sob is being heard…

After a second, the spotlights on: tilted on the right side of the stage.
Now, someone is weeping… Someone’s walking…

The stage is low-lighted: with a door at the left side of the stage, mirror at the center of the stage; and a four-post queen-sized bed.
Walking towards the mirror, a brunette and tan-skinned lady, wearing a silk-chiffon long-trailed wedding gown and crystal-embellished stilettos, stops at the center of the spotlight.

She stares at the audience, hazel brown eyes now red from crying, with a black-eye below her right eye. Hair in a bun with a side braid, slightly broken nose, and swollen lips but curved lusciously; without those imperfections she a perfect picturesque of Venus.
Still staring, she squeaks, she seems lost.

She stares intently at the audience and said,
“What… am I… going to do? I… I… I still… love him,” she said in between cries, and she continued,
“But… I… need to marry… Tyler.”
“What? Tell me!” she said, shouting at the audience.
The audience replied:
“Don’t mess up your life! Go on with what you want!”; “Marry him still!”; “Hey who’s Tyler?”; “How about you like end….”

She stares at the audience randomly, head titling to whoever is shouting at her.
And it hit her; that one suggestion.
She stands stiffly when she heard it but she utters it.
Those shout from the group in the audience.
One leaps from his seat and said with pure sarcasm, “How about KILLING yourself, woman?”
“Kill myself.” She said silently yet still audible for the crowd to hear.
“Like hell yeah! Suicide, feeling like Juliet?” the guy replied.

She starts wiping her tears, her eyes got darker and she frighteningly smirks.
“That’s a good one,” she replies, like a madman.

“No. I’m here for the wedding.” A man with a deep voice muttered.

Another spotlight directed at the center aisle of the auditorium; the man with a deep voice is now focused.

Her smile vanishes…
“Marcus... I can’t have you anymore…” and she started crying again.

A tall lad wearing a wool black trench coat, cut near the knees, he wears a black tailored pants, and a black Italian leather shoes, with a light-brown hair complementing his pale skin and gray eyes, he has a slight pointy-nose, and a pouty lips, now curved into a smile; an epitome of a God.

He walks towards the stage, smiling.
She ran mid-way to the guy.
They met near up the edge of the stage.

She hugs him tightly, not wanting to let go…
She felt safe. She felt secured.

The door crashes on the stage.

“I knew it! You still meet each other!” a guy shouted.
“Tyler… Please… You always hit me! And you do not love me… Just let me go…” she begs while she untangled herself from Marcus.
“Let go? Elise, our wedding’s tomorrow! The point I hit you, c’mon, as if you don’t know. You bloody see each other!” he retorted.
He run towards the lady and slapped her to the ground.

Gasps from the audience are heard.

Marcus rushed and picked up Elise and tilted her sideways; for her not to be slapped again.
He caught Tyler’s arm, punched him in the face, and kicked his groin.
Tyler curled in pain and muttered an “Arsehole, Marcus!”
Marcus turned to Elise but Tyler stands up with his hand gripping a metal blade.
Elise snatched the dagger from Tyler before he even stab Marcus. As she took the dagger, she accidentally stabs Tyler at his torso.

Another guy bursts from the door; panting.
“What happened here?” he saw Tyler, soaked in his blood.
He tilts his head at the couple standing; Elise still holds the blood-covered dagger, “What have you done, Elise? He’s your fiancé!”
“But I don’t love him!” she replied.
“What have you done…” he glared at the tall light-brown haired lad and said, “What are you doing here?!”
Elise steps in front of Marcus, near her father, and said, “Dad, please… I love Marcus. I want Marcus… Please… For me…”
“No! I would never give you my blessings! Never! Even your departed mother does not agree you being with HIM!”
“No, dad… We are perfect for each other. No one will stop us!”
“Not if I can!” Her dad snatches the dagger from her and ran towards Marcus.

He stabs Marcus. Marcus smirks.

The dagger wasn’t in his hands any more. Elise had stole it already when he ran pass her. Elise stabs him from the back.
“Sorry, Daddy… You should not mess up with him. Or me…” she muttered under her breath.

“Yes. Mum didn’t die from a car accident.” She said, looking down at her father; back bathed in his blood, and laying prone.
 “How… could you… even say that, she was… with you!” he says while coughing blood.
“Yes. But you can be saved, if you know where to get out before the engine and gears went out of control,” she said and smiles mischievously.
Her father mustered all his strength to see his daughter smiling crazy at him, shocked, he muttered, “You… You… killed your own mother! For him!”

“Need any help, sweetheart?” Marcus suddenly asks.
“No honey. I’ll handle him. He’s my dad, love. I’ll do it.” She answers Marcus before saying, “Yes” to her father then she stabs her father again, directly at his heart.
She bowed down to her father and said, “Like you, Mum wasn’t in favor. She knew. She needs to keep silent… Forever.”

“She’s mad!”; “She killed her mother!”; “Even her Dad and fiancé!”; “Shoot! She’s a murdered!”  Shouts and gasps from the crowd.

She walks towards Marcus, after passing her father and her former fiancé and muttering, “Serves you right, bastard.”

She embraced Marcus, eyes slowly drifting to a shut, nearly kissing when she felt her back arched to Marcus’s front; and feels like blood is dripping from her back. She grips her back and said, “Ow! Marc--” and she slipped from Marcus’s grasps. Marcus’s eyes shot open.

Oh no!”; “Fudge! He’s still alive! The audience panicky shouted.

As if from the living dead, it’s Tyler’s turn to smirk. He stabbed Elise: directly at her heart from the back view.
After stabbing her, he grips at his bloody torso and slid onto his knees, pain overcoming his victory, Marcus was just stunned, unable to move, he was about to stab Tyler again but Tyler succumbs in his defeat. Marcus went forward and sensed that Tyler does not breathe anymore.

He rushed towards Elise’s side, “Hold on, baby. Please, baby!”
He lays her at his lap, cradling her and shouted, “NOOOO~!”

He leaned against her, burying his face at the crook of her neck and cried.

The stage low-lights now dimmed. It returned to pitch-black.

SCENE 2: The stage is slowly brightening up.
The stage is designed with a cottage-mansion-like interior, a house hidden in a forest, over-looking the trees and the mountains. Its interior filled with fine-porcelain Chinaware, leather couches, mahogany tables, and displayed skins and furs of wild animals.

A couple sits on the red leather couch, reading newspapers and sipping their teas.

Another couple came from the elaborated-sculptured wooden door.
It was Marcus and Elise.

“What the… Elise died, right?” an audience observed-questioned.
“Good Morning, Father, Mother. I want you to meet, Elise.” Marcus gestures his hand from Elise to his parents.
“About time we meet you, Elise. The pleasure is ours.” Marcus’s father responded.
“Nice to meet you, darling. I have heard nothing but good things about you,” his wife added.
“The honor is mine, Father, Mother. Thank you.” Elise replied.
Marcus’s mother smilingly asks her, “Where are your parents, love?”
She replies, “Dead,” and adds unremorsefully, “I killed them.”
Slightly shocked but smirking they said, “Oh Why, dear?”
“They were against us,” while she entwined her hands with Marcus, “against him. Mum knew about your family.”
Our family. You’re part of us now.” Marcus’s father replies.
“Father, you can talk to her later. She might be a little dizzy from the walk and from what just happened.” Marcus said.

The stage is now dim-lighted. Marcus and Elise walks near the left-side of the stage, hands still entwined, they stopped at the center of the spotlight, now brightly affixed to them.

“You must be thirsty, Hun.” Marcus said half-questioning, half-stating.
“Still woozy, Hun. But hell, I’m thirsty.” She replied then hugs Marcus. She tilts her head at the crook of his neck; chin near his neck, while the right-side of her face resting on his shoulder, inhaling his scent. He smells like freshly-mowed grass and peppermint. She lunges in him more.
“Haha, honey. You’re tickling me there.” Marcus says as Elise brush her lips and partly-nibbles him.
“Sorry.” She replies, smiling against his neck, she lets go and goes at his back, and again places her head in his shoulder, mouth near his neck. Elise hugs him tighter from behind, resting her hands on his waist.
She goes closer…
She kisses his neck, and nibbled…
Then, she sucks him.

Seconds later…
Blood is dripping from his neck, she licks it clean.
His mouth agapes and then he opens his eyes, quite astonished with what Elise did, he smirks at her.

The crowd notices something…
Same as Elise… Marcus also has…
The crowd reacts, shouting from every corner of the auditorium…
“Shit!”; “His teeth, man!”; “It’s FREAKING FANGS, Man!”;
“They’re hella VAMPIRES!!! HOLY FUDGE!”

Elise wipes her mouth, licking her fingers clean from Marcus’s blood.
She looks at the audience…

Elise and Marcus’s eyes turned red.
Smiling… They showed off their fangs.

Marcus suddenly says grinning mischievously, “Still thirsty, honey?”
Still looking at the audience, Elise stares at a guy, the guy who suggested that she kill herself, she smirks back at Marcus…

Her eyes now darker-red-hungry-craving-and-blood-thirsty, she replies at Marcus while staring more intently at the previous guy from the crowd she was looking, “Maybe yes, Honey,” and she grins at the guy more impish than Marcus’.

The guy from the audience noticed that he was the one Elise is referring to; even the whole crowd looks at him, also feeling frightened for him. He stands up, shouting-nearly-choking-and-stuttering, “NOOOO! FUDGE! I DON’T WANNA… BE… FREAKIN’ VAMPIRE!”

A herd of screams are heard from the audience; others nearly jumping off their seats, rushing to the nearest exit, which unfortunately is closed from the outside.

“Sorry, sweethearts. There’s nowhere to go,” the couple muttered in unison.

Ready to lunge towards the crowd…

The curtains closed.
The lights from the auditorium opened; it nearly-blinded the crowd.
No one muttered any word; everyone’s panting from the sudden shock;
Dead silence filled the auditorium.

All’s well ends well.
F I N.
December 22/23, 2011

My apologies, my hands are itchy enough to type this play-story. 

P.S.       For Clarification:
Yes, Elise killed her Mother, for her Mother knew about Marcus being a vampire.
When Marcus leaned on Elise from the end of Scene 1, he already bit Elise and turned her into a vampire; so obviously, at the start of Scene 2, Elise is already a vampire.

This story is not mine, and I do not own any part of it, maybe the typing part, but the plot and whole story is not mine. I repeat, not mine.

This is a story my sister told me and I just edited some parts, adding some things for dramatic effect and such.

***I just wanted to post this since I didn't post anything for this month. ;)
© JAS™ 

-     Jassie

Changed (The Hunters, #1) - Rose J. Bell

Myth meets fiction: a spinoff between archangels, nephilims, demons, humans, and hunters.

Changed – Rose J. Bell

In a world where hunters and angels reign, war is a daily occurrence and one girl is destined to save them all.

After the brutal murder of her father, Rosa Petrova has dedicated her life to the eradication of angels and the revenge of her father's death. With the gift of fight, she becomes one of the fastest, deadliest, and greatest hunters in the world.

As Rosa hunts those who caused her father's death, two Nephilim, the children and warriors of the archangels, appear in Boston. Rosa has to find out why a Nephilim named Jason and his friend risk their lives in a city full of their enemies where they could be killed. 

Not knowing if she should follow her heart or the hunter’s code she has known all her life, she is forced to make a dangerous decision that could change her life forever. Through all the chaos around her, she finds herself falling in love with the one person she is forbidden to love. And this love could kill her.

The author gave me an eARC in exchange of an honest review.
P.S. The grammatical errors were tolerated and the Nephilims are bad guys here (I did mention, a spinoff of myth from above, right?).


A war had led the Hunters to hate the Nephilim, which leads to death on each clan.
She has the gift to fight, and she’s to become a Hunter.
He has a mission to find his twin sister, and he’s a Nephilim.
She’s a Hunter, he’s a Nephilim. They are enemies, and they must kill each other.

But what if?
The Huntress, this Ice Princess melts and falls for an angel-kind?
What if it leads to what happened to him before? Will he take the risk?

Your paranormal story meets another twist.

This is the first book that I had read where there are hunters and other magical creatures—shadow creatures known to humans and are being given the chance to be in the spotlight. And to be honest, I feel refreshed. For me this is a new idea. And the plot had so much potential.

I personally am a lover of abrupt-straight-to-the-point story. Putting up Rosa in the adventure zone immediately made me elated! It wasn't really that fast-paced, but for me it was set in a right pace. Not too slow, not that fast; no boring or idle moments which is good because it triggers a reader to read more and to not pause or stop reading. It was like that when I was reading it, the happenings were so continuous that as a reader, I wanted to know more and more about the stories. The questions keep popping and some being answered; others, left unanswered, then the cycle goes again, another question that will make a reader wonder. I am torn if I should like or dislike the concept wherein this story seems like a mash-up of different mythology-and/or-legends, since the author made the angels as villians; but maybe this is the way where the author mixes her own flavor and twists in the story. Those spinoffs were made in a fitting way that it strikes as a refreshing read.

Regarding, Rosa, she is such a powerful, admirable, a typical kickass heroine. And she's strong and has this focused-drive wherein she avenges for a loved one. To be honest I wanted her adrenaline-rush, from the first parts when she achieves victory during her test. I mean I know how wrong revenge and fights and deaths are, but it's like a fuel or boost for something. She has this willpower, an uncontrollable yet powerful gift to fight. She's both blood and death hungry, which was triggered by revenge. She’s an ideal yet a heroine who needs to get more mature and must know who she should trust and obey. But mostly, she should find who she is first. (I just didn't like how disrespectful Rosa was towards her teachers.)

So another thing that completely bugged me out was that: the story of the archangels, why are they mean? I pity Jason and the others who are tasked to kill on behalf of the power-greedy archangels. Though, I do like the where the focus zooms in the adventure between the Hunters and Archangels/Nephilims’ world. Oh and the part where Rosa went to the talisman with the help of a witch. I love how vast the characters are, how normal and how mythological they are.

Overall, I had enjoyed that it is portrayed in the YA genre, I mean it is set, in realistic world, high school and Boston. I liked that even if there are actions like fighting and it is adventure-type; the author made the paranormal world into something normal. Paranormal meets action-and-adventure with drama and humor. It has romance which was not sickeningly sweet one, I really like the bad boy meets kickass girl and they fall for each other. Yeah, the ‘the more you hate, the more you love’ overused term. The author really wanted the readers to have a clear imagination of what place, character, personality, and just about everything were: a vivid detail with every paragraph. I really had fun having the adventure with Rosa and Jason!

            Lastly, though the grammatical errors were the reason I want to put the book off, it was still a page-turner. The book had too much potential, and I really wanted to know more. Even if Book 1 felt a bittersweet read for me, the fact that there is another book gives me hopes up with Rosa and Jason; and more fights to come! And my constant curiosity: WHAT HAPPENED IN THE WAR?

Rating: I give it a 3.5 out of 5. 

-     Jassie