Victoria (Smith) Gets Breathless

Monday, April 8, 2013

Posting to remember thy promise.

This post is for Victoria Smith, the author of Crimson Hunt  and The Space Between.
I posted this as we are kidding around and making some stories for her two hotties, Derrick and Cooper.
Haha! This is so funny because Victoria is so funny and we come up with uber random tweets and here is a little present to her.

"@VictoriaSmith76 This I bring to you WHAT BUGGED ME BEFORE I SLEEP.
Please, of course there are no edits and I will only write what is trying to get out of my head. MUAHAHA. PG-13 or R-18, because this is yours exclusively. HAHA!


Jassie to ALL (Victoria, Dee, Coop): So guys, shall we sit down?
*As Jassie tries to peel eyes away from those biceps*
Derrick & Cooper: Hi Jassie! *snickers* Again.

Jassie: *barely hears them because I'm still focusing on peeling my eyes away, I mean look at those barely tight clothing, if I could I pull that - oh shizz, what am I thinking - I mean, look at those...* Ah huh? Yeah, sure, nice to meet you I guess?
*D & C smiles slightly mischievously*

- - - This is where VICTORIA'S STORY COMES ALIVE. - - -

Derrick starts to help Victoria with her Mac laptop set-up. Derrick smirks and brushes his fingers onto Victoria's hand. A light gasp coming from Victoria's mouth and Jassie looks at Victoria with the same devious eyes the hotties are giving them.

As Cooper, such the gentleman, pulls Victoria's seat and pushes slightly the chair so she can sit properly.
He, Cooper, said barely above whisper, "You look wonderful, Victoria. Would you really be able to do what you're supposed to do?"
Victoria shuddered from the breathy and slightly husky words uttered by Cooper, and replied, "I th-think so..." while heavily breathing in the scent of musky cologne.
Derrick manages to accompany Jassie to a seat across from Victoria and the two look into each others eyes smirking at what Cooper did to Victoria. The two chattered about something and peel their gaze from Cooper and Victoria.

Cooper noticing how Victoria squirmed added his intense gaze and darted his tongue out near Victoria's earlobe. Victoria started to grip the edges of the table, Cooper chuckled and said near her ear, "My dear author, you do not squirm under my gaze. You do not grip these..." he pointed at the table, touching her hand and slightly releasing her death grip on the beloved mahogany table, which again caught her breath from the sudden movement.
Cooper continued, "table. These hands, soft and lightly calloused by typing all day needs a massage..." he tries to squeeze her hands, as her eyes nearly bulge out from the sockets, a blush penetrating her whole face as Cooper raises her hands and kisses them both. Turning it over upside down, he openmouthedly kissed her palm and lightly suck, and an uncontrollable low moan had escaped Victoria's throat.

Derrick and Jassie, swiftly turned their necks, earning an almost whiplash, the mission of seeking girls slightly abandoned, as the low moan had caught their attention...

"Dude, stop teasing, Victoria. Dang, we agreed that we'll behave ourselves." Derrick admonishes.
"Is it inappropriate to give," Cooper looks at Victoria in the eyes saying in his most husky yet soft voice, "Vic-to-r-i-a," enunciating every syllable like melted caramel-slash-chocolate.
Victoria swallowed audibly and as voice fails to come out, just nodded towards Cooper.
Cooper gives a toothy grin and lightly drop your hands on your opened Mac and said, "Forgive me, thy author, I was simply being a gentleman," and with that he gives Victoria a seductive grin while winking and slowly rise from the chair to seat near Jassie and asks what were Jassie and Derrick doing.

Victoria slouched from her seat, breathing heavily, as Jassie and Derrick take turns catching a glimpse of your panting self.

"Hey, Victoria, you can drink your coffee, y'know? You want something else?" Jassie offered. Derrick was about to stand-up, Victoria replied, "No need, Dee, I just got, uhm, slightly, breathy. I'm... I'm okay."
Victoria looks as Cooper, as Cooper returned a faux innocent curious look, "What's the matter, Victoria? You all right?"
Victoria tears her gaze from Cooper and started opening her notepad or document.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OKAY, I just need to grab your attention, muahaha! Wasn't that fun? Though, I do not intend to write some TEASE scenes, HAHA.
The next one, hopefully, will be the real deal, I am setting them up, not making you all hot and bothered.

(okay sans the steam because I don't want to add heat in the already hot PHILIPPINES :|)"

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-     Jassie
P.S. I do not write things these provocative,
but this just so random; and I apologize for innocent minds.

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