Rose Mint Snow: AFTERSTORY

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jassie's Note: This is the after story of the random thought I had when I was uber bored during one of our class back in college. The real story is still on it's outline scratch paper, living there for more than two years already! Haha! I'm so lazy that it took me a lot of persuasion to even type this. So here goes the story:

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet – Romeo and Juliet”

“ Maybe this is the end.
Maybe we weren’t meant to be.
I understood what love is all about, sacrifice and hurt.
Maybe it wasn’t worth fighting for.
He has his fiancée. I have my life to carry on.
Will he even read my message?
I love him.

I still love her, how stupid am I?
I hate myself.
How stupidity overpowers me.
How I think too much and I just can’t accept the fact that in love,
no logical reasoning should be done.
Heart, by all means pushes us.
I just can’t let you go.
Will it be too late to find her?

Like a Rose Petal that is feminine and endearing, it makes me a captive of her.
Fresh and cooling like Pepper mint, I am forever under his scent.

I know forever is not true, but I can make an exception…
Even if it’s too late…
I, Portia Mionette Duerre will forever be his Mia.
I, Lucas Damien Courtet, will forever be her Leonne. ”


“I need to leave, but I’ll be back, I promise,”
she said before turning her back away from him.
“When?” he replied.
“Ten years from now, I guess?”
“But that’s too long… Then, I’ll f…”

“Where are you? I told you.. I… You promised, you’ll… Darn!” and he continued to curse his self for not realizing it soon enough, for letting her go again, for not even saying…

He was cut off when he saw a silhouette, her silhouette, he had memorized it ever since he was seven; and the Rose Petal scent, the giveaway, he murmured, “Not again, it will never happen again.”

He yelled, “I just found you! Where do you think you’re going?!”

Wiping her tears away, she didn’t need to see who it was; his calming Peppermint scent tells it all. She turned sideways to see the lad –hair disheveled and still panting from running.

He stopped three-feet away from her, he slightly bend, hands on his knees, face down, sweating, and still catching his breath; he tilted his head, choking his words out but managed to say,
“Leaving me again, Mia?” then he smirked.

“Crying in the car, she saw him from outside her window,
 running and screaming to stop the car…
The last memory she remember before she left,
was him,
kneeling on the ground and crying…”

After resting for about a minute, he recollected himself. He stared at Mia; his breathing beginning to calm, the scent of Rose Petal lingering, and his heart, beating in its normal pace. Seeing that Mia was still shell-shocked, and still not moving, he gave a comforting smile and walked towards her and said, “Still shock, I see?”

Mia was caught off guard, she didn’t imagine that he would follow her, she was on the verge of giving up, but then he yells and runs for her, now, he’s less than a foot away from her.
“Y…Yo..You ca-ca-called meee, ” she stuttered and starts to recompose herself, “Mia,” she managed to say with upright confidence, betraying her nervous and panicking feeling inside.
“Yes, Portia. I called you, Mia. About time I realize it. I was frantically foolish enough not to realize it was you, all along, Ms. Rose Petal.”
She just internally smiled, and thought about his face:
His smile, it was comforting and teasing;
his eyes, speaking of his sincerity;
his forehead revealing slight lines and eyebrows creasing,
telling that something is bothering him.

Before she could even ask him, he asked, “Why didn’t you just tell me it was you?”
“Believe me, it was my plan, but I don’t want to spoon-feed you...”
“I agree,” he buts in, using his soft thumbs to lightly wipe her tears, “You promised you’ll be back, I didn’t wait for it, I’m sorry. I know, 10 years is not yet over. But now, I’m here. And you’re here, in front of me, still doing what you did before, leaving, right before my eyes… But…,” and he stops mid-sentence.

She kept silent, not knowing what words to say. It’s true; she’s leaving him again, right before his eyes.
She looks at him…

He is searching something from his right pocket.

“But that’s too long… Then, I’ll f…”
She looks back at him, and she finished it for him,
“You’ll find me?”
“Yes, I’ll find you… But keep this.”

He slid it out from his right pocket and the light from the setting sun probes it way through, shimmering something in the middle of the chain.

She squint her eyes, still a bit blurry from crying,
“The pendant,” she whispered, half-gasping.
“You’re not returning this back to me again, are you? It’s yours. And it will always be yours.” He said.

She could not muster what she wanted to say, the words are jumbled in her head, the only thing she can think of and was able to slip her mouth was, “How about her? Your fiancée?”

He was not shocked, which she didn’t expected, the question didn’t bother him either; it felt like his reaction was sort of bored and disgusted, then he finally replied, which sounded as a retort,
“I don’t love her; it was just a typical merging of families to strengthen the business. But I’m through with it, I called the wedding off.”

He calmed for a bit and continued, washing away the bored-disgusted look, and smiled, eyes penetrating hers, speaking only of truth, “Don’t worry. I was waiting for someone, Mia.”

She frowned and was about to ask who, when he brushed her bangs away to the side, making her shiver from the sudden touch; his smile stayed as he leaned down and cupped her face with his left hand,
“Yes, it’s you. I found you… though you found me first,” he said-half-stated against her lips before leaning in to give a light peck on her lips.

She smiled, as the warmth flushed through her veins, she returned the peck with a gentle kiss on his lips.
They gently pulled away from each other. They ignored the butterflies in their stomachs and put up the courage to touch each others’ hands, soft touches that kept them warm against the now cold night breeze.

They stared at each other with smiles on their faces, no one saying a word, just breathing the cold-snowy air, inhaling each other’s scent and indulging the silence from the vacated parking lot. Only warmed by their now mutually intertwined hands: She half-reminisce her childhood days, she was thinking of how he said he’ll find her. Now, he’s here, in front of her, hands entwined, and had said a while ago that, he found her.
He was just staring at her, he was too stubborn to notice it— how she managed to recognize him, while he didn’t.
Then they thought about their kiss, it was their first, it was not awkward; it was a quick one but gentle, fulfilling, and against the open air, it was warm and just intricately perfect.
The both of them realized how everything had been different, how it changed and how complex it is, but how their feelings from before, didn’t. How they felt their love never wavered.

No words were still said, only their bodies and eyes filled out the curiosity of one, and they knew what each other meant. A crescent was formed from their lips; it was twisted upwards… a smile.

It would seem absurd to others and frantically illogical to fall in love when you’re seven. But for them, it was friendship, crush, puppy love, first love, and now, it was nothing but pure true love, from the start. No one is too young to fall in love, nor too old. Love is never controlled; it is something everyone irrationally yields to. Kids also know love, but from a different end of the spectrum. But for them it was love, they knew it was love. Who are we to judge? They didn’t need to, but they proved it: they waited until it was their time, ten years, is it not long enough? Now they’re seventeen. Would they still be young for love? Maybe. But no one is mature enough for love, even those who claim they are experienced enough. Every love is different, maybe similar but never the same; it is as plain as that.

She started to slip her hand from his, and managed to say, “Thank you for finding me, Leonne,” with a smile, while her voice was trembling from the forming tears, she added, “And good bye.”

He let her walk away from him, her back, again flushing in front of him.

And it was when her words haunted him, it slowly strikes him.
“Not again,” he muttered.

He ran and held her right wrist, softly turning her to face him, again.

“And I’ll ask again, Where do you think, you’re going?” He smiled.
“I’ll return to--”
He cut her off before she can finish her sentence,
“Nope. Who says you’re going back there? I had enough for ten years!” he exclaimed angrily with a hint of sarcasm; and then he smiled yet again.

She is left speechless, thoughts running in her head:
“That smile, that smile that she missed,
His blissful smile, it is not just comforting but gentle and loving.
That smile that she could not resist,
That smile that makes her knees frail,
And she was completely blown away, all over again.”

He smirked. How he loved her reactions, especially when she gets speechless. He lets go of her wrist, showing yet again the necklace – with the pendant she returned to him, in his right hand.

“I said this is yours.” his voice soothingly calm, warm against the cold night air.

She just smiled in response; she turned her back, holding her hair up for him to put the necklace on her.
He wears the necklace on her, after he locks the chain, he inhales her scent; and he feather-kissed her ever so lightly and smirks against her nape.

They did have doubts, love had its doubts, but they trusted each other, they promised. He might have almost given up with the promise of finding her. She might have given up when she knew he had a fiancée, but it did not stop there. Faith was there; ready to succumb, ready to fail and give up; but trust and loyalty kept them intact. Foolish as they might have been, it is all because of love. Who cares? Everyone is a fool in love.
They searched, they waited, they hoped…
He found her. She found him. And that was what mattered most.

He walked in front of her, smiling his blissful-contented smile, he was just so joyous. After all those years, waiting, about to give up, and now, he found her. He couldn’t ask for more, he just wanted to be glued from where he is now. He remembered flashes of his past with her. But then he stopped, there was no time to waste, he has no time to think of the past, he must take in the present; and not even think about the future. This present will soon be a past, he must make the best out of it, and this present will also redefine their future. He smiles at his own thought, their future, he wants his future be her and be with her. He was over-thinking again, he must define his present before his future.

He was cut in his reverie: he looked at her, stared at her and took in every detail of her,
“It’s now. Just now. With her. That’s it.
All I ever wanted. Just in front of me.”

He didn’t care if he even looked loony from his smile, how disheveled his hair was, how exhausted he was from searching for her, how nearly-freezing cold the weather was; he just didn’t care how he looked like, how tormenting the snowy breeze was, nor himself. He only cared about her and what happens now. And he is damn satisfied.

“He gave her a pendant,
their family heirloom engraved with their crest:
It is only given to your love.

“Keep this pendant. For me to know it’s you,”
“Okay…,” she replied with a weak smile and wears it in front of him.
And they gave each other a good bye smile against the cold air…”

And just like from their childhood memory…
It started snowing…

Snow falling around them, like before; it was Christmas when she left…
They gave each other a smile. It was not the good bye smile from their memory, but an “I-found-you-and-do-you-remember-before-you-left-it-was-also-snowing” smile.

Albeit the snow and the cold wind; they melted it all with their warmth surpassing everything…. It was a warm Christmas, for the both of them.

The smell of drizzling snow was nothing compared to the mixed scent of Rose Petal and Peppermint, not dominating each, but only lingering in the vacated airport parking lot; and just making the holidays, sweeter.

“It’s the holidays!” he cheered.
“Happy Christmas, Theo!” she said with a cheerful voice and smiling at him, quite flustered as she said his first name.
“Happy Christmas, Portia!” he replied with mock awkwardness.

Theo? Portia? “It didn’t seem right,” they both thought.

He leaned down and kissed the pendant before fully leaning on for an embrace. They hugged each other against the snow and the freezing cold wind; their body heat spreading warmth quickly. She also smiled a satisfying smile, resting her right face between his left shoulder and chest, calming herself with his Peppermint aroma and listening to his steady heartbeat. He kissed her forehead then the top of her head, he rested his head against her, slightly tilted on the side, also inhaling her Rose Petal scent more, and then he whispered softly, yet audible for her to hear. Heat reached her cheeks so fast, he felt the warmth near his chest which made him released a soft chuckle; and he also smiled, as he felt her smile against his chest.

He is Theodore and she is Portia. But to them, they are another…
They both love hearing it from one another. Only they know how to say it with much sincerity, with much love.
It is how they identified that it was them from before, from ten years ago…

He is her Leonne. She is his Mia.

She grinned, still with cheeks flushed red, blush from his whisper; she titled her head upwards just in time to see him looking down at her, she stands on her tiptoes and wraps her arms around his neck. She breathed a warm,
“I love you, too, Leonne,” just before he leaned down to meet her kiss.

She will never again walk with back flushed at him. But this time, she will walk against everything, with him; and with her hand entwined only with Leonne.

“I love you too much, Mia. I’m not letting you go and leave me, ever, again. Je t’aime, Mia.” she smiles as she repeats his whisper on her mind.

F I N.                  
                ©Rose Mint Snow by Jas ™

December 19, 2011/December 20, 2011

Author’s Note (A/N) and Message (with random nothings)
Stories similar to this are purely coincidental.
This is not a first-hand experience, yet this is an original story.
Words were partly-edited. Forbid the typos and grammatical errors.

After nearly a three (3)-year hiatus, I had put two (2)-days in work, writing this promised fiction, and sorry to say, I’m back to the bum, idle, glutton person I am. I hope you had enjoyed my gift though. This idea came from my subconscious, so my indebted gratitude, Lord, for the dreams.

Especially made and dedicated to Jirene Mercy Bueno, my first ever supporter-blockmate-and-demanding-friend for my stories. Purely yours, love (reading British fan fiction, makes me humane to not end the lives of my sweet couple, and I am getting a little fluffy with words such as “sweetie”, “love”, and “hun” because of Britons, so forgive me, dear). This is my gift for those abandoned stories I scribble in your notebook or any paper, whenever I feel like writing (mostly because I am bored in class), though let me finish those, I might continue it again (but don’t keep your hopes up, I used the word, “might,” please take note of that). I owe you stories and I hope this would suffice; even this is only a portion, only 1/8 of the story. I think I cannot live up another story better than this, please don’t expect, as this might be the last fully-fledged love story I had to write. I had poured all my best here! The thoughts for instance, are patches of trances as I was pre-inspired.

© JAS™ 

-     Jassie

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