Reaction to Anna's post: "Plagiarism Sucks: It's More Than Just Drama"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

You have your own thoughts. Use it.

Everyone can attest to that.

The highlight of my birthday today is my lovely friend, Anna's Plagiarism post.
Click HERE or if you can't access it, here's the link:

This post is entirely for Anna, and those who agree with me.

Even thought I told her, Anna, in a tweet that:
"[...] I wanna post something too but I think I shouldn't meddle with the situation further. :p"
P.S. See how I cited my own self?
You can do the same, put it in quotations (since I had stated that "I told her in a tweet" and put a semicolon ":", I don't need to reiterate after the quotation that I am the one who said it).

Continuing what I said in the tweet, I know I don't want to meddle with the situation at hand. But I am just enlisting my reaction. I really want to voice out and I do hope people would not get some mob to turn to me regarding my reaction.

This post is for Anna (to share or not, I am only voicing out a reaction).
No need to sue me for libel.

I am not as eloquent as Anna but I need to stir clear some of my reaction regarding the matter. I know and meant that I am in no place to act against the accused (though it had been proven already; though the real accused/respondent have not shown up yet) since I was not the one plagiarized. But I respect Anna, as a person and as a book blogger; I am just speaking up as a concerned twitter-friend to Anna.

If you respect someone or admire them, wouldn't you be somehow defensive when something happens to them? I am doing just the same. And going to speak out for the others who seem to idle to just pass this matter. Maybe the others just want to let this go, and I will do the same after I posited some reaction.

I know most of us have the same emotion and reaction to different things. We may or may not perceive it as the others do, the bottom line: We will always have the same opinion regarding a matter.
We may have the same thoughts, and that's good. At least you're not left alone. But the deal is that as we have the same perception of things, we have our own thoughts, we may construct a sentence, similar but never exactly the same. And I do not encourage paraphrasing to pass it as your own.

Plagiarism is illegal. How to make it legal? Nothing. Nada, don't even think beyond that.
*P.S. No threat intended*

An option: IF you have the same thoughts and want to use it, copy it but be sure to CITE them. You can put up a link to a complete post of that particular review.

As what I had written, you may have similar ideas but never as perfectly the same as the others. What you perceive is less or even beyond one has. We are different, the same as our thoughts.

As for the accused blogger and co-blogger (to which I did not cite as for giving them partial anonymity), a formal or informal letter with a sincere apology should be indicated. That would be highly appreciated.
Write a letter showcasing how apologetic you are, without linking some pictures. It leads to more angry or furious reader. Do not even try to threaten and delay the situation, just tell how sorry you are, and that's it. When you hear something about someone the best way is to confront and take into consideration what you heard. Try to talk out with the person being blamed and try to fix it, together.

As for the person (rightfully) blamed, do not try to run away. It leads nowhere. If your caught, or even if you're not caught, the best way is to lay all what you didYou are given the "benefit of the doubt," but if it is really you: Say how apologetic you are and do not try to reason your way out, then enlighten them and say why you did it. Let them know that you are really sorry and will not do it again. Give them the time to forgive you, do hope to have their forgiveness in the future, but do not expect to be forgotten. You did a wrong thing, we all do make mistakes but for that mistakes to be learned, we should try to accept it. Accept that you have done wrong, apologize for what happened and mostly after all those are done, move on and learn from it. Take note, I said "after" accepting what you did and apologizing, then you have the right to move on.

I shall not state anything further but I do hope my reaction had given justice on behalf of Anna.

P.S. Anna, I do hope that when I say some of my endearments like lovely, dear, love, hon, or whatever to you, I surely hope it does not infuriate you. *adds a nervous emoticon: :p*

-     Jassie

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