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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Because a New Year becomes an unexpected journey of Firsts.

I'm not into extravagant events, so I'll just drop a  late Happy New Year!

I'm in my senior year so I am very much needed to put some effort with my academics, that I seem to forget giving my first priority.

Oh here's a list of the books I read the past weeks starting January 1st :)
I was stuck in the New Adult and Contemporary stuffs so please beware :>
January (then the dates)
11th: Vincent Boys and Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
12-13th: Because of Low, While it Last and Just For Now by Abbi Glines
-> awesome and must-read books!
*links will direct you to its Goodreads' Summary and the book covers :)
So there goes, I had read 10 ebooks for the past 3 weeks :D

Well, yet again, I just started reading last year and I think this is part of my resolution to read some books :)
So any recommendation are very much welcome :D

I do like Paranormal and Fantasy Reads! And yeah, the awesome Dystopian Novels :)
So no worries, do drop some amazing tweets about any book recommendation, I am planning to list some from my very well-loved book blogger friends :>

P.S. I'm not a bookworm, maybe a starting book hoarder :D I am trying to read books as much as possible because back then I detest books; especially when we need to do book reports. Now I shall appease the mind of my English teacher, Hi Ma'am, I do dread those times I keep on just skimming the books. If you can just see me now, I am keeping-up with lost time. :D

So what's up with your New Year? Anything very out of you league that you are trying to do? :) Well let's give ourselves a pat on the back and say Kudos for the job well done!

I'm just sneaking a post, I had abandoned this for quite awhile and if I need to do some progress with myself, this must be part of my "Steps to be productive" :) Yeah, let's hope I can live and keep up with that :)

Wish me luck, this week is my Preliminary Examinations Week! :)

-     Jassie

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