Thy happiness cannot be tamed

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Author follows are completely one of my happiness.
And I shall reiterate, "Thy happiness cannot be tamed"

***I am aware that some will be published soon...
I shall wait patiently for their books.
| 2013 |

*giddy and leprechaun dance inserted here*

From the very recent:

- Her book will be released on 2014 (2 books: 2014 & 2015)

- Watch out 2013, a new book about a little Romance, Drama and Sport will come your way

- Who does not know this awesome person?
- Sorry for the bias but yes, this author is very kind and her books are to-wait and read for!

- Her book, Touching The Surface; I am patiently waiting for my allowance to buy this one.
- Oh yeah, I'm packing my parents to be loaned to her! Haha! She's very fun to tweet to!

- She got me at Mystery. ;)

- The Brightest Kind of Darkness! Do I need an introduction for this book? Dark Paranormal Romance.
- I'm so excited for the release of the next installment!

- I'm so waiting for my ARC copy of this: The Tangled Web
- It's an Adult-Contemporary, they say, but I just need to read this now!

- Defy The Stars
- They say it's like Romeo and Juliet with a twist... :)

- Can I just say that next to Stephanie Perkins, my favorite is this person?!
- I looooove Cora's novel, and recently she just signed a deal!!! Yay, she's getting published in print!!!
- She's somehow my twitter-buddy *operative word: somehow* Haha!
P.S. Her book is the first-ever book I ever book-reviewed!

- She's the first author (Indie Author) who followed me, so I was really touched!
- And, I'm just waiting for a break so I can read her books! I am about to read: the Book of Lost Souls. Yay!
- I'm so happy and still giddy since she told me before, "Why not follow you?" (When I tweeted that she followed me!)

I really look up at the authors who are so great and can please readers, and newbie readers (like me), and who are very accommodating: tweeting back and in some case, following you.

I really am looking forward to read their books and support them!

-     Jassie

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