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Friday, December 21, 2012

Every thing and everyone change,
and Nostradamus had not foreseen it.
It's 6:22PM, 21st December 2012.

It's our Paskuhan day and I am excited for the Fireworks to be uploaded at Youtube :)
The most awaited part at UST! Awesome fireworks with free stiff neck! And I am not kidding, I swear you'll get it afterwards, but a very amazing one. With the celebration of  401 years of existence. Go USTe! :D

More ranting from my abrupt social life:
We had a Christmas Party last Wednesday and it was super fun! What a best party, spent with your lovely friends and blockmates! I had never been that happy.
Oh, my Mom might know I drank. I got dizzy though but the karaoke made it go away and a very very restful sleep.
Buffet dinner then going home at 2AM, how nice.
No peer-pressure with all the drinking stuffs. :)
Had a slumber party with my friend and a party at my Mum's on Thursday afternoon, cool, fun and too much food! :)

This is what I love best during the Christmas season:
Vacay, Food, Family Gatherings, Misa de Gallo, Christmas goodies. :>

For the love of Christ and God,
Happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays! :)

-     Jassie

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