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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Before the journey ends, a huge thank you is in order...
A songfic summarizing Revenants' Book 1 & 2:
Song Fic: Votre Ange

If I Should Die
Picture from Goodreads

Amy Plum was so sweet to post my If I Should Die Haikus.
I joined the ARC Contest; so as Tiffany and Alyana. These ICA friends I gained via twitter and who are like me, Revenant fan. Please do check their entries, beautiful and awesome:

And I am indeed flattered until this moment. It is still an incredible feeling for an author whom I look up to and admired through her magnificent stories, to give an opportunity to express love to our very lovable Revenants; who are in turn had been residing in my brain and heart since I had read it. :) Her novels are simply wonderful, amazingly-written and down-right touching. I am glad to find this book and I can't wait for May 2013 to read the finale of her built Paris-fantasy. Thank you! Very very much, Amy! :)

Farewells are always hard to bid but I will enjoy having the countdown and re-counting the moments of this beautiful story.

To my dear, Tiff and Alyana. *gives Cheetos and French Macaroons* here's a short song-inspired fiction (aside from the obvious Revenants novels).
Here is my summary (and some additional/edits of the fantastic novel) of Die For Me and Until I Die. Enjoy!
P.S. I hope you would not be so confused with my Vincent / Kate monologues. Haha! Only mini-chapters 1-3 have Vincent in it.

- - - - -

“Because I know, in my heart, my mind, and my soul… I would do everything.”


“There’s a pier reaching ours from the seaside,
Breathe in, breathe it out,
Open your eyes,
Is this all that you wanted?”
-          Red Sky by Lawson

Is this really the end? Is this where my hope is shattered?
The running water from the river below and the comforting cold breeze of the coming night, I seek solace. Breathe in, breathe out.

Is this all that I wanted? I ask myself.
A smile creeps its way to my face, I relax. Breathe in, breathe out.

I am here, Vincent. And yes, I will. I know I will.


Mini - chapter 1:

“Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend,
Somewhere along in the bitterness,
And I would have stayed all night,
Had I known how to save a life.”
-          How to Save a Life by The Fray

To save and to die. To die saving.
Living in a tedious way of saving people from accidents, from suicide, from everything life is at stake. I had lived my life in this subtle way: dying and saving. I had failed, tried and had succeeded. But it does not end. I also need to fight the numas. I am Vincent. This is my life. This is what it is supposed to be. This is what a revenant is supposed to do.

I am Kate. My parents died, I am still devastated. Could I had done something to save them?
New place, new life. A renewed life. From New York to Paris.
I left who I was before. Even my caring friends, whom I pushed away. There’s no turning back now. Only a path forward.

Mini - chapter 2:

“Beautiful wonder,
Where did you come from?
Writing your name on the horizon,
Filing the sky up, burning like fire…”
-          Red Sky by Lawson

            I had locked myself up since I arrived in Paris.
Sweet savory-feel of Paris, I badly need your Paris pollution before summer ends.
A perfect café shop with a lovely beverage and a good book to make me company. Perfect.
It feels like someone is boring a hole at me. I shot a gaze to the direction of the intense stare and…

I had seen her coming through the café shop. Her physique, normal yet there is something different about her. She took her seat and has a book in hand.
Jules and Ambrose are laughing. And I realized it is because I am staring at her.
I plastered a smirk at them, and I continue staring… Then she looks at me.

            Two pairs of eyes stared back from each other. Locked in intense gaze. Unknown recognition. He continued gazing and she stared at him confused. Do they know each other? In reality, they do not.

Mini - chapter 3:
“Beautiful wonder,
Where did you come from?
I’ll stand up with you, forever,
I’ll be there for you through it all…”
-          Red Sky by Lawson &
Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Is she worth the risk? Of everything I had grown accustomed to? I feel, Yes. But my mind wants to be rational and screams, No. How about Jean-Baptiste, and the other revenants?
I made my way through her and through her heart. Had I fallen? Is it possible? In love? Yes, extremely impossible. I looked at her, she beams at me. My heart swells with overwhelming happiness.
But I do not want her to be at risk. And the pain and an almost look of betrayal she shoot at me as I had mentioned the dying and saving, being dormant; I cannot take it, seeing her like that. Is this really for the better? I must leave her, or she must leave me… before anything bad happens.

I needed to leave him. He needs to save people and to die. I cannot handle death… not after my parents’, it is still fresh. I cannot still bear it. It is normal for them as revenants to die and to be alive. To even be dormant for three-days, but as cold as dead.
Death. It instills fear in me. I cannot overcome the idea of this.

Despair had begotten them. Quite frankly, it did not work out.
They seek more, and beyond the depths of their fear, of death and other things. It is better to have each other than to lose each. They had tasted the part of being together and they will never be able to get rid of it.

Mini - chapter 4:

“Feel the waves breaking,
No more time wasting,
Slowly we are waking up.”
-          Red Sky by Lawson

Betrayal. How could have Violette done it? They trusted her. They believed in her.

I sank to my knees. I could not believe what had happened. Why? Why did Violette did it? Why are you the Champion, of all revenants? Why are you the second in line after Jean Baptiste? Why? Why?

            You had saved me enough times, Vincent. You fought for me. I lost my parents, and had you. You shared to me your family. You gave me you. And you even sacrificed dying for me. It’s too much. Isn’t it too much already?

Tears start pouring from her eyes, and she chokes her next words…
            It’s my turn…
 And it’s my game now, Vincent…
To have you back.

Mini - chapter 5:

“I will never let you fall,
I’ll stand up with you, forever…”

No more options.
No more Ifs.
Not even a Should.
I know. I know and I had made my decision.

“I’ll be there for you through it all..”
-          Your Guardian Angel

Breathe in, breathe out.
Is this all that I wanted? I ask myself.
A smile creeps its way to my face, and I relax.

Breathe in, breathe out.

“There’s a red sky,
Overhead tonight,
That’s how I know…”

I had lost you. I had lost my faith. Even my hope.
And then I heard you, lucidly, as if you had bore right inside of me,
Just like when you stared at me.

A sweet smile caresses her face as she recounts her memory. It is close to fading as she was losing hope. But something’s blossoming. Is it really true?

I am here, Vincent.
Am I being delusional? Is it real? Did I just hear Vincent?
‘Mon Ange.’
My heart soars and swells high as I heard it.
Yes, Vincent. Votre Ange.

“It’s gonna be alright,
It’s gonna be alright”
-          Red Sky

No more options. No more second-thoughts. She knows what to do. She will…

I would do anything… everything. I will…
I will save you. And it’s not you anymore, Vincent.
No ifs nor shoulds.

I would die for you. I will save you, until I die.

“I’ll be there for you through it all,
Even if saving you sends me in heaven…”
-          Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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16/11/2012 11:29PM
Paris Time: 4:31PM

Songs Used Were:
1. Red Sky by Lawson
2. How To Save A Life by The Fray
3. Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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