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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spreading love and gratitude to YA


"But to get the big entries, you need to share the love of YA. It's simple! Make a blog post (or FB note, or whatevs) and let the world know: Why do you love YA? It's November--the month of giving thanks--so let us know why you're thankful for YA. You can write about the genre itself, or about a favorite author, or about a favorite book. It's wide open: just let the world know why you like YA! Also: you absolutely don't have to write about me. This isn't about me--it's about the love of YA. The only requirement is that you also include the above graphic and a link back to the contest."

Why do I love YA? To be honest, I just started reading when I was bored to death with my 9.6 hours per day on-the-job-training, don't get me wrong, I had fun, it was just: there were most of the time wherein you don't do stuffs because you're just a trainee. So pretty much, I don't want to kill myself staring at the wall or anything else... I decided to bring a book. I'm a slow reader (you can't blame me since, I was not fond of books). But now, things changed... And I welcome it in my window, not open arms, not by a wide doors, since, I can't say it's my passion to read, but I'm getting there.

I'm losing my point here, no tomato throwing, please :)

So, again, Why do I love YA? I must state my answer now. First, it's pretty much my age group, my range wherein there are so much to discover, and to be honest, YA is for everyone who wants to be a teen at heart, it seeks different kinds and genres appealing to almost anybody. It makes me welcome to different worlds and doesn't make me out of place. YA had created a dimension of fantasy with realism which is very contradicting yet compelling to any reader.

And I thank YA and especially, Beth Revis for the awesome giveaway.
Do you know, I'm super desperate for this? Well I'm not the only one.
I haven't read most of the books there and it will be the best gift from someone to receive that special package.

I do not live in the USA, but I will try my luck
(and hopefully coo my cousin or bessie to hand it to me, if I win, which is highly impossible *no time for pessimism, but I'm being a realist here. Oh bugger.) 

-     Jassie

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