Sunshine from shadow mist

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sprinkle of sunshine from my shadow mist:
Sorrow may had filled my morning,
though sleep had comforted me for the rest of the afternoon.

I deserted the feeling of grief. I needed to struggle past despair.
And therefore, I shall thank my sleep.

I had an awesome day yesterday filled with:
Twitter updates from Tom Felton and Lawson, my 2 biases all the way from UK :)
And a follow from writer, Michelle Muto :)

I just started my fondness from Writers last year, from Stephanie Perkins.
And it stopped and just recently, it's again a huge deal to have tweets from these awesome writers :)

-     Jassie

P.S. I only typed their first or their famous books :D
And links are activated :)

Lisa Burstein (Pretty Amy): 
10:50 PM - 16 Oct 12 Thank you reply :)

Michelle Muto (The Book of Lost Souls) :
9:05 PM - 16 Oct 12 When Michelle Muto Followed Me :)
9:06 PM - 16 Oct 12 About her books :)

Alma Katsu (The Taker):
9:05 PM - 16 Oct 12 Alma Katsu's opinion on the Hungarian Cover of The Taker :)

Amy Plum (Die For Me):
1:41 PM - 23 Sep 12 OMGosh, Amy Plum responded to me! :)

Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss):
1:26 AM - 1 Jan 12 The Best New Year's tweet :)

Sharing for a tidbit of happiness:
May not be directed to me but this is the best tweet on my birthday, last January;
Felt like Tom was singing a Happy Birthday to me :)
- A girl can dream best in her birthday, can't blame me :D

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