A dash of a new beginning

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beginning the lookout for unleashing one's self.

Feminine palette of sunshine :)

First blog, first online journal, first of the many things a person wants to discover.
This is my first and I will make a worthwhile snapshot of this.

The start of the 3-week semestral break, and this is how I start it :D
1. Start a Blogger.
- As per conspired (or strategically lured) by Louisse & to follow Tiff and Alyana, too! :)
2. Enjoy posting some rantings.

Out of online indulgence:
1. Morning jog-walk and a stop at the playground for a 20-minute swing break.
2. Breakfast.
3. Relaxation: Sleep or start reading.
- Was never a reader. So we'll see if this sembreak will make some alterations.

I bid my warm welcome to myself and cheers to this new beginning.
How formally putted.

P.S. I just realized that I have the same template with Tiff & Alyana's :P
LOL, I like the Ethereal feel :)

-     Jassie

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