Cop stereotyping

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indulging the fine delectable creations of man :)

Not going to offend the police/cops, but here goes my stereotyping,
Doughnut + Coffee = Cops
I should blame the stereotyping from the media, but I would rather not, and honestly speaking, I have not seen any police officer here in the Philippines who drinks coffee and enjoy their doughnuts. Really.
It's in the movies, cartoons or the television wherein I see such cops.

Here is my "feeling-like-a-cop" day:

J. Co.'s doughnut and Starbucks coffee

A closer look on this sumptuous doughnut.
I am not fond of rice crispies, but it was good :)

So, yeah, this is Day 2 of my semestral break.

I have this feeling that this week is about relaxation.
A week of indulging into my senses.
It will be fun before last, 3-weeks to be exact.

What I'll do this night: read Mockingjay (Hunger Games)

-     Jassie

To view my ranting, please click link below (and yes, it is about Hunger Games Trilogy, not extensive though):

Gonna read the final book of The Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay.
It's my first read this sembreak, since I had forgotten that I did not finish this book because the first chapters had bored me. No virtual nor actual tomato throwing please, this is a matter of opinion.

Catching Fire was really an uproar to me that reading the first 2 books, in 2 days last April/May, were really captivating and a tad surreal. Catching Fire made me love Finnick Odair, I shall say my obsession for this guy had not wavered ever since I read about him.

I agree with people constantly engrossed with this trilogy, from book 1's stability, which never ceased to amaze me and the 2nd book, which is my favorite, was deeply unraveling. Suzanne Collins, has the words for details and that made me more interested in her books. Surprisingly, it had not fail me... yet. :)

But let me share my constant main character appreciation, that is deeply meant for Gale Hawthorne. (Which by my friends' assessments were not good, shall I change my belief on this guy? I shall see). I like the persona of Gale and his background, nothing too surprising yet I want to learn more about him.
I love Katniss and Peeta's courage, bravery (saying these two words is an automatic: Gryffindor, mouthful for me), their love story, was something deeper; and I am to uncover the truth in the last book :) Yes, the starcrossed-lovers, love setting boundaries yet toppling down those obstacles, creating anew.

Movie regret: Remember Marge? She was not given the proper representation from the book. I pity those parts when movies alter a valuable part of a story. The Mockingjay pin is beyond the very essence, yet the movie had changed it. And I feel sorry for our dear, Marge.

I am ready to defy my standards for this book. My first trilogy and my first books that introduced me to the genre of dystopian. The realm of realistic issues. The realism is without doubt compelling.

(Last June 11, 2012)

After 4 months, I had to pick the last book of this dystopian realm and I shall finish this tonight :)

One word that I used to describe this book: Survival :)

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