Goodbye, strong sunshine

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Withering sunshine

It comes as it is: a cycle of life,
It never wavers as time pass by,
But I bid my farewell to my other, Nana.

From Windows' Public Pictures

I shall imagine the light that pictures my Tia Meding,
Imagining that her tomb lies below or beside this tree,
Keeping her safe against everything.

Security. Happiness.
I wish that she rests in peace :)

-     Jassie

Old age has come.
But remember, my dear Tia, I am eternally grateful:

It's time and we understand, we need to let her go,
To a place we know she will be happy.

Thinking of all the pains she'd been through, a deserving rest is finally achieved.
Better than her mostly paralyzed body, she was taken from her slumber.
No choking. No shortness of breath...
Only a peaceful sleep had taken her away.
It is somehow comforting, to be frank.

Today, her funeral in which we bid our farewells,
We will miss her sunny smile,
Her words of encouragement,
Nothing but the kindness she devoured to us.

She will be missed.
Always and forever.
Our love will set you free, in the beautiful horizons of the world.
We note beautiful things, accompanied by your legacy.
I am entirely thankful for everything.

Never, even once did you let me feel that I was not your granddaughter,
I was never your granddaughter yet you treated me as one.
My tears are of happiness because I know you are in a safe haven.
The sacred gates of heaven welcomes you.
No one will hurt you. No more pains. No more endurance.

Peace. Tranquility. Bliss.

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