Amy Plum, I love thee

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"How can I not risk everything to bring my love back to me?"
- If I Should Die Flap Copy

Other than the poll for the ebook novella in the setting of Die For Me,
Here is the newly divulged secret of Amy Plum:

-     Jassie

My Amy Plum Rantings:

I just saw this: Amy Plum addressed me! :)
by Jassie - On September 19, 2012Too bad I don’t have accounts on Amazon and B&N, and I don’t really do reviews :( I really wanted those signed book plates like last year, my friend won last year :) ) 
BTW, I’ll just commend how great your book is! And yes, present tense, even I’m in our thesis writing since I’m hopefully graduating this acad. year, your book keeps me grounded, I had read and still rereading it until now (I just re-finished it awhile ago). 
I love your idea of using the revenants: bardia and numa, which is very fascinating and wants me to learn them too! The paranormal romance which is not sickly sweet and humor in it that does not just keep the readers be overwhelmed with TMI about one scene to the next. The gripping twist that makes me engrossed more. Then, Until I Die’s ending… (I shall not spoil…) I love the flow of the story, as if it is being read in a way which is not boring. It really is a book which haunts (in a good way) to be reread again (which I will in-between and after my thesis writing). 
 P.S. I was shocked about Jean-Baptiste & Gaspard. That was definitely is a book-stopper, yeah, I was caught of guard and had reread the dialogue O.O Jules and Ambrose’s humor are what I am also looking forward aside from the ‘love conquers all’ story of Kate and Vincent :)
I hope it’s already 2013, a lil more patience… 
Thank you for this awesome book, Amy!
by Jassie - On September 19, 2012 
*I must correct myself: “books are” :)

by amy - On September 24, 2012Jassie, thank you for the mountain of compliments. I am so glad you enjoyed the books so much, and hope that Book 3 lives up to your expectations! I love my characters so much, and don’t feel like I manipulate their identities – they show me who they are. So I was just as surprised as you (and completely enchanted) when I realized near the beginning of book 1 that they were a couple. And I’m glad you like Jules’s and Ambrose’s sense of humor. They make me laugh too! :) 
Again – thanks for your enthusiasm. It’s readers like you who make my job so enjoyable

I never though that Amy Plum would write a comment back! :)
I really lost hope when the weekend went by and she didn't respond. Yet, I decided to look at her blog since she released the Book Flap Cover of If I Should Die :D And try to find my comment about the awesome signed book plates, and TA-DAH! She replied! :D *tears of joy*
I'm so touched! :)
Writers like her makes me love the authors of the books themselves :)
Makes me such a fangirl :)
I have a lot of books to read but this keeps me more inspired to read books and Amy Plum is so awesome! :) 

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