Losing It – Cora Carmack

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How about let's try my subjectivity towards a story?

was released on 2/26/13 in the U.S.A.! *Happy Book Release Day!*
will be released on 3/28/13 in U.K. and Australia! 
Pre-order at: Barnes & Noble or at Amazon

Losing It – Cora Carmack

P.S. I defo lost it ;)


Bliss Edwards is about to graduate from college and still has hers. Sick of being the only virgin among her friends, she decides the best way to deal with the problem is to lose it as quickly and simply as possible-- a one-night stand. But her plan turns out to be anything but simple when she freaks out and leaves a gorgeous guy alone and naked in her bed with an excuse that no one with half-a-brain would ever believe. And as if if that weren't embarrassing enough, when she arrives for her first class of her last college semester, she recognizes her new theatre professor. She'd left him naked in her bed about 8 hours earlier."           

Disclaimer: Defo teenage-hormones & flailing over Brit accents are attacking me.

If you’re gonna ask me if I liked it? YES! :) It was a new genre for me, to be honest, a first read to New Adult (correct me if I’m wrong, it was classified as such).

             I'll start with, I love it's humor! :)

             There's a teenagers-to-twenty-something feel from it, a suitable book to read for those who are looking for a sort of Chick-Lit with some (an understatement of many or mostly) sexual innuendos, hormones-raging: there are a lot of can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you parts which was, yes, pretty steamy.        
             I personally enjoyed the main characters being humanely-imperfect. Bliss herself and Garrick (and his Brit accents' a definite plus!) It is also a story of friendship, love and dreams. But what differentiated it from others is the setting: Theatre school is pretty refreshing for me, not the musical type of way, but primarily, acting. :)

If you’re really looking for a good laugh, I would really recommend this to you, its humor is awkwardly-funny. Yes, AWKWARD + FUNNY = Bliss. Bliss is such a character I rather am fond of, her over-thinking knows no bounds. Haha! I can even imagine myself in Bliss or sometimes as a friend of Bliss! I even enjoyed the carefree-feel of Bliss' friends, very realistic, true and natural. There are defo favorite lines that I had fun re-reading about humor, life and the sweet lines coming from Garrick. ;)

             I must praise Cora Carmack as she gave justice in: “placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible, and then trying to help them get a boyfriend out of it. Awkward people need love, too.” I love that Cora Carmack said that, to be honest, it’s a fun, feel-good, light and humorous to read; and of course, I can never disregard my love for Brits and their hot accent. 

My bias had gotten over me; I personally rate this as 4.5 out of 5.

Longer rantings:

The cover?
            Sorry but that guy... okay, no beating around the bush when I said 'teenage-hormones switched on', my eyes were drawn right to the cover: that guy is absolutely, most definitely, HOT! I know that’s only a part of his face, but really, he is gorge! :)

The story itself:

            Virginity. It's the first word, line and introduction of the summary. Having a stereotype that most westerners are liberal, this might be placed as a shocker. Which is the reason our dear main character is freaking-out and over-thinking. It does not really circled about being V, but Bliss' problems always go back to that. Yet it's not all that, it's a story also about friendship, love and dreams, their future after college.

             The background of the story itself, the setting: Theatre, which has bias-ly etched in my heart: the stage is a tube where you convey your emotions; but remember, this is a university majoring in theatre stuffs so there are book/plays mentioned. I really liked the acting-focused; since Theatre is often regarded side by side with Broadway, so it's a breath of fresh air. :)

             And the love story itself: teacher-student relationship. I am completely against this sort of relationship, and yes, it really gross me out. But this story didn’t, I was even happy I read it. Taking into consideration, Bliss and Garrick before she knew Garrick’s her new professor; so I gave them a slip away. They're a very sweet couple! Can I just say that they can’t get their itchy hands-off each other, let’s say they succeed someway but there’s always the urge (*wink, wink*). And would agree with what Kelsey said in one part, there is definitely, Sexual Tension.

Oh yeah, did I mention it's hilarity? :) Well, it really is humorous! :)

Sneak peek of the awesome characters:
Bliss Edwards: The name really wasn’t that catchy, but I was thinking that there’s a double entendre in her name. Isn’t it bliss is a feeling beyond happiness, soaring high with giddiness all-over? There are lots of parts wherein you can say she really is blissful. She’s 22-years old; the V, as stated; swoons over the hot Brit guy.
Garrick Taylor: The Hot Brit guy from Philly (Philadelphia), don’t worry he’s a legit Brit (he really was from London). With a very hot accent and very handsome. And he’s sweet!
Kelsey: Girl best friend of Bliss who is down-right blunt but hella knows how to keep a secret; and the friend who pushes you to whom you like, the infuriating-but-sometimes-okay sort of way.
Cade: Best friend of Bliss which is the boy-next-door-knight-and-shining-armor type of guy. And he likes our dear Bliss.
Hamlet: Haha! I just wanna insert this unbelievably “I-hate-all-of-you-people-except-Garrick” cat. And FYI, this cat’s a “she”. And can be tamed only by Garrick and her feathered cat toy.

            The ending, oh my! I can’t ask for anything much more perfect. Indirectly-sweet! It was Garrick’s POV, the Epilogue, and I swear, it was downright the ending I couldn’t ask for more. Other than (*coughs*): CORA CARMACK, A SEQUEL, PLEASE? :) 
           Yes, I know, the next's about Cade :) But please sprinkle some Garrick-Bliss moments there! :)

Spoiler (with my own words - basis: Summary above): "A senior college student, Bliss, who was still a V, “helped” (more like forced) by her friend, Kelsey, to get laid for the night. Bliss saw this guy in the bar, reading Shakespeare and bloody hell, with Brit accent. With unfortunate turn of events (in getting laid), Bliss chickened out (in her own apartment) leaving a stark-naked hottie, who by the way is her new professor."

-     Jassie

Back on track

Monday, October 22, 2012

A desert of fine entertainment

Sand Dunes, La Paz, Laoag City

A rough 4x4 off road at the pristine sand terrain
Picture taken by my gorgeous cousin, Mariel :)

My fail attempt in Sandboarding :)

Rantings coming up, maybe tomorrow :)
Since I just arrived from my 10-hour bus travel from Laoag to Makati :)
I very much need some slumber.

-     Jassie

Silence for relaxation

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fresh air from the country-side,
A festive of happiness to the soon-to-be newly weds 

Will be out for the weekend :)
A weekend getaway to Laoag, Ilocos Norte:
- my dear cousin's getting married :D

I shall take note what my other posts will be about:
1. An insight of The Hunger Games Trilogy: Mockingjay
2. A drawback from a first gang-ish Chick Lit, Perfect Chemistry
- then if time permits, gonna read Rules of Attraction
3. Paranormal romance of Unearthly
4. Since my first #3 notes are about books, which is contrary of what my nature is (also, the mind-note that I shall start to be productive); I shall share my short Laoag trip :)

No rantings after my signed name :) Goodie!

-     Jassie

Amy Plum, I love thee

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"How can I not risk everything to bring my love back to me?"
- If I Should Die Flap Copy

Other than the poll for the ebook novella in the setting of Die For Me,
Here is the newly divulged secret of Amy Plum:

-     Jassie

My Amy Plum Rantings:

Sunshine from shadow mist

Sprinkle of sunshine from my shadow mist:
Sorrow may had filled my morning,
though sleep had comforted me for the rest of the afternoon.

I deserted the feeling of grief. I needed to struggle past despair.
And therefore, I shall thank my sleep.

I had an awesome day yesterday filled with:
Twitter updates from Tom Felton and Lawson, my 2 biases all the way from UK :)
And a follow from writer, Michelle Muto :)

I just started my fondness from Writers last year, from Stephanie Perkins.
And it stopped and just recently, it's again a huge deal to have tweets from these awesome writers :)

-     Jassie

Goodbye, strong sunshine

Withering sunshine

It comes as it is: a cycle of life,
It never wavers as time pass by,
But I bid my farewell to my other, Nana.

From Windows' Public Pictures

I shall imagine the light that pictures my Tia Meding,
Imagining that her tomb lies below or beside this tree,
Keeping her safe against everything.

Security. Happiness.
I wish that she rests in peace :)

-     Jassie

Old age has come.
But remember, my dear Tia, I am eternally grateful:

Cop stereotyping

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indulging the fine delectable creations of man :)

Not going to offend the police/cops, but here goes my stereotyping,
Doughnut + Coffee = Cops
I should blame the stereotyping from the media, but I would rather not, and honestly speaking, I have not seen any police officer here in the Philippines who drinks coffee and enjoy their doughnuts. Really.
It's in the movies, cartoons or the television wherein I see such cops.

Here is my "feeling-like-a-cop" day:

J. Co.'s doughnut and Starbucks coffee

A closer look on this sumptuous doughnut.
I am not fond of rice crispies, but it was good :)

So, yeah, this is Day 2 of my semestral break.

I have this feeling that this week is about relaxation.
A week of indulging into my senses.
It will be fun before last, 3-weeks to be exact.

What I'll do this night: read Mockingjay (Hunger Games)

-     Jassie

To view my ranting, please click link below (and yes, it is about Hunger Games Trilogy, not extensive though):

A dash of a new beginning

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beginning the lookout for unleashing one's self.

Feminine palette of sunshine :)

First blog, first online journal, first of the many things a person wants to discover.
This is my first and I will make a worthwhile snapshot of this.

The start of the 3-week semestral break, and this is how I start it :D
1. Start a Blogger.
- As per conspired (or strategically lured) by Louisse & to follow Tiff and Alyana, too! :)
2. Enjoy posting some rantings.

Out of online indulgence:
1. Morning jog-walk and a stop at the playground for a 20-minute swing break.
2. Breakfast.
3. Relaxation: Sleep or start reading.
- Was never a reader. So we'll see if this sembreak will make some alterations.

I bid my warm welcome to myself and cheers to this new beginning.
How formally putted.

P.S. I just realized that I have the same template with Tiff & Alyana's :P
LOL, I like the Ethereal feel :)

-     Jassie